Utterly Disgusting.
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Utterly Disgusting. I don't what made me more ill, the white stringy stuff, or the brown substance. Either or, it is just another example of how great government works... at any level.
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Yeah, like this internet thing what was that government thinking?
posted by tpruett at 10:38 AM on May 17, 2000

Yeah, it's disgusting to think of it. But no-one got sick, did they? Reminds me of the recent Salon article on how Americans are getting sick because there's not enough dirt in their diet and environment to boost their immune system...

I'd be more upset if they did what happened in Cornwall in the 80s, and piped lead compounds from a chemical outlet into the public supply. Now that was nasty.
posted by holgate at 11:25 AM on May 17, 2000

[Talking dirty: Bring on the germs. Too much cleanliness may be making some people sick.]

also, remember george carlin's bit about how no one in his neighborhood got polio because they used to swim in sludge and had immune systems of steel?
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It is kind of gross, but consider that it's mainly a matter of comparative volume. Sewage overflow in many communities still goes into streams and rivers, especially in rainy weather, and ends up in somebody's water supply. In Chicago and Evanston, we get our water directly from Lake Michigan, which must have all sorts of lovely things in it.

I don't know why this mistake has anything to do with "government"? Would an outside contractor or private company be immune from making mistakes?
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