Black and White photos of a mall, people, places and stars
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Stephen DiRado is a photographer who is known for large format black and white photographic portraits and landscapes. Shot mostly around Massachusetts, his website galleries include a mall in the 1980s, a poignant series taken of his dad over time, and dinner. Some photos on his site might be considered NSFW because of nakedness.

DiRado talks a bit about his background and approach in this profile.

I couldn’t click away from his site until I saw all the photos.
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Those mall pictures are great!
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I'm not sure I trust Hot Cops' motives.
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So there was a store called California Prunes that just sold prunes?
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Impressive work. I took a large-format film photography class in the past summer and totally fell head-over-heels in love with the process. I wonder how he didn't get in trouble for dragging a giant camera around the mall, it's not like you can be discreet when lugging around a big 4x5 on a tripod, dark-cloth and a bag full of film-holders.

Funny, I just looked DiRado up on Facebook and the one mutual friend that we have is the professor who taught that class I took last summer. I guess the average degree of separation for large-format photographers is pretty small.
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That series of him with his father is intense, I couldn't make it all the way through. I don't love these as photographic art but as very personal images from someone's life they are phenomenal.
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I'm not sure I trust Hot Cops' motives.

There is...a lot going on in that photo, man.
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So there was a store called California Prunes that just sold prunes?

Not a store. I think they were a general advocacy group trying to get people to eat more prunes and, in turn, help California prune farmers. There was a Rifftrax Live show that riffed on a California Prunes commercial from this period.

At any rate, I imagine the joy from a job giving out free prunes in a 1980's mall is perfectly encapsulated by that woman's expression.
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The prune thing got me curious, too.

So in the 80s, production of California prunes was going up, and they stepped up marketing efforts to get them to sell.

They now call them "dried plums", but this was definitely the work of the California Dried Plum [a.k.a. Prune] marketing board:

Getting the Message Across (1970–1990)

Marketing has always been a priority for the CDPB, but in response to declining sales in the late 1970s, the Board reinstated the funding for marketing programs that it put on hold from 1975 to 1979. By resuming advertising, display contests and recipe releases to food editors, it hoped to spark an uptick in domestic and export sales.

Concerns about cholesterol and a growing interest in fiber-rich foods in the mid-1980s gave the Board’s marketing arm a shot at highlighting California Dried Plums as the high-fiber fruit through targeted advertising, sales promotion and public relations. This “High Fiber Fruit Campaign", not to mention increased handler marketing support, deserves credit for four consecutive years of domestic shipment growth.

In the mall prune photo you'll see the tagline "The High Fiber Fruit" on the pamphlets on the table.
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The mall I grew up going to had those same pay-phone kiosks
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The mall I grew up going to had those same teenagers making out behind the pay-phone kiosks. Love that photo.
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So there was a store called California Prunes that just sold prunes?

theme song - "can't turn you loose"
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Having grown up in the 80s and going to a high school that was literally across the street from our local mall, it's so fascinating to me to see how much of the fashion and young person mindset I carry with me in memory, and how much of the technology and general advertising/marketing contrivances of actual day-to-day living I've forgotten. These pictures are wonderful, I just wish there were more!
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Kristin before and after is just about my favorite thing. I can hear the crappy, hand-lettered C60 dub of Tinderbox and smell the clove cigarettes just looking at them.
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LOL, I love the mall phone store full of desk and wall models.
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Hey, it was exciting in the '80s that you were finally allowed to buy your own phones after a century of renting them from Ma Bell.
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Hey, check out JFK Jr. over here!

But it's not a mall in the '80s without the new wave girl with the spiked bangs in front, nearly vertical beret on the back of her he... oh, there she is, trying hard to look aloof around Johnny Rotten on his lunch break from Jordan Marsh. (I would have had crushes on both of them when I was in high school.)
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Check out how busy the mall was on New Year's Eve. I spent a lot of my youth in the 80's at a local mall, but NYE?!
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Hey, check out JFK Jr. over here!

That dude is basically the villain from every '80s teen comedy/melodrama.
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The nudes on the beaches are also worth checking out; there's a nice variety of ages/body types/general situations there. But the mall pictures are the ones where I'd love to know what at least some of those people are up to today.
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The mall is the Worcester Galleria which died, was reborn, died again. and was finally torn down a few years ago for urban revitalization (which was the same reason it was built in the first place).
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Flashbak had a great series today on 80s teen bedrooms when you are done hanging out at the mall. I thought about posting it, but it hit a little too close to home.
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That's my hometown, Worcester! I even recognize a few people in those pictures.
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Windsor Button Shop in the mall!
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I took a 35mm class from Stephen in the 90's. After the class he showed us a set of larger metal toned prints and the skin of the subjects was luminous. I bet this stuff looks great in person.
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