Same procedure as every year?
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Dinner for one is a comedy sketch, recorded for the German Norddeutscher Rundfunk in 1963. It went on to become a New Years' Eve tradition, not only in Germany, but also in other European countries. Despite being in English, written by a British author and performed by British actors, it is mostly unknown in the English-speaking world. Happy New Year.
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Previously, previouslier.
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I recently read a online version of this with the ending changed slightly, turning the silly antics into something more bittersweet, and imho, tons better.
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Link, Old'n'Busted?
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How has this escaped my notice? This is fantastic.
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FoB: I believe the title of the story was "The Trial of Carstairs" or something like that. The links I had all go 404 now, and from what I can tell the author has pulled the story and made it pay-only at some point. (nsfw warning if you search for it).
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This is one of our family new year's eve traditions because of previous metafilter posts. If I were going to design the Barkley marathon of cinematic drinking games it would be one for one matching James in Dinner for One as the short followed by Withnail in Withnail and I as the feature. With the right training, I think a human could just barely survive drinking that gauntlet.
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When I saw languagehat's comment, I was really, really hoping that frimble posted this every year.
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Same procedure as every year.
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Sadly, starting 2018, Bleigießen is going to be banned (German language link, although English-speakers can still enjoy the punny headline). We just used up our last kit. Maybe we’ll move on to good old Dinner For One as our new German expat family tradition. Guten Rutsch, and skål!
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New Years tradition in South Africa as well although not sure if it still regularly aired now. I watch it on YouTube myself and my family still quote it often.
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I found out this year that this is pretty funny when you're blind drunk
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