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The astounding Julie Dash interviews the incomparable Octavia Butler! “A lost interview (1995) with award-winning Sy Fy writer Octavia Butler and filmmaker Julie Dash at her home in Los Angeles for Marc Boothe, Digital Diaspora, and "40 Acres & A Microchip" the first black cyberspace conference in the UK for digerati of African descent. "to re-examine our relationship to our cultures and the way we represent them through the use of digital technology."”
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I am delighted
posted by bq at 2:36 PM on January 1, 2018

ooooh! I look forward to diving into this :)
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Thanks for this, although a longtime SF reader I'd discovered Octavia fairly recently and continue to by just amazed.
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Pedant comment: the genre of science fiction is generally shortened to "sci fi". SyFy is a specific tv channel (many of whose shows are not actually in the science fiction genre anymore). Butler has won awards for her sci fi writing, not for work with the SyFy channel.
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Pedant comment II: The Science Fiction Channel changed its name to "SyFy" fourteen years after this interview occurred (1995)
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Octavia was one of the true greats, and it was tragic that she died before more of her work could be provided for us. Look forward to watching this later - thanks!
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Dang! Thanks!
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Sorry to hijack: where should one start with Butler?
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Kindred is very accessible, and her short stories are amazing.
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The Lilith's Brood Trilogy is a fascinating take on first contact.
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where should one start with Butler?

I think Wild Seed is a great starting point. I recently read it for the second time and can still feel the hairs on the back of my neck when I think of some of the sequences in it. Once you start, I'm pretty sure you won't stop
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I highly recommend Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents as shockingly relevant dystopian future. The authoritarian religious zealot president in the latter actually uses Make America Great Again as his slogan.
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