How to Trademark a Face
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A charming method for clowns to register their uniquely painted faces. The practice seems to be dying out because of digital photos. However, the convention is still that clowns don't copy each other's "faces."

I'm also appending an older (2014) article about the history of clowns, which seems fairly comprehensive and is nicely illustrated. The Last Laugh
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This was a key plot point in a terry pratchett book, the name of which escapes me.
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I knew about this because of the Discworld novels :-)
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I think the eggs with faces show up in Men at Arms.
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Yes, Men at Arms. "The Sam Vimes" arc in full swing.
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Luke Stephenson's book, The Clown Egg Register, seems to be the source of the photos. Interview with Stephenson and co-author Helen Champion.
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In case you are considering the merits of costuming yourself as a clown, please take note of Pick My Nose! You're welcome.
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Interesting but still creepy...
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It is heartwarming to see that most of these clowns can still smile after having their arms and legs removed.
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What happens when they hatch?
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I cannot swear to this, because I did a lot of drugs in the 80s, but I am almost positive that Ringling has a massive collection of clown eggs too. I did a summer camp thing at the clown college in Florida, and vividly remember seeing a wall of these. I suppose it could just be part of the nightmares though. (Clowns. Why did it have to be clowns?)
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These are fascinating and interesting.
It’s also a little bit sad that the practice of painting eggs (chicken or ceramic) already assumes a default skin color / race (light-skinned / white) for each clown.
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Clown eggs are kept at only a handful of locations around the world. In the UK, there are two collections—one located at Wookey Hole in Somerset, and the other located at the Holy Trinity Church in Dalston. Wookey Hole contains the bulk of the collection—some 200 in number—including 40 of the original eggs painted by Stan Bult. Both collections are open to public.

Wookey Hole.

Also the site of the infamous 2006 mangling of Elvis Presley’s teddy bear by a guard dog.

True story.
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