Watching you skate made me feel like all sorts of things were possible
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On the eve of the National Figure Skating Championships, Nicole Chung interviews Kristi Yamaguchi. posted by retrograde (5 comments total) 12 users marked this as a favorite
Great article! I was switching between reading it and checking #uschamps18 for live results from the US Nationals ladies' short program.
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Kristi's husband, Bret Hedican, is a broadcaster for the San Jose Sharks. When I had season tickets, I was in the same section as her seats (except hers were on the ice, and I was up a bit further.) Watching her daughters grow from hockey season to hockey season was always fun to see. I wish her and her family nothing but great things. She has always been very gracious.
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So delighted to read about her early childhood literacy foundation. I was a serious skater as a child and she visited my rink once. She wasn't due for another half hour so I was sitting on a bench with my nose in a book and she sat beside me and asked what I was reading; I was mighty surprised when I looked up. We had a great conversation about Beverly Cleary. She has been a gracious, shining example for so many young skaters.
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Everybody wants to be Kristi Yamagucci.
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Just the other week I was moved to find video of Kristi Yamaguchi's '90s performance to En Vogue's "Never gonna get it," which is linked in this article. It was great then, and great now!
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