Feminist things to do over summer
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Here are some (Australian) summer activities to keep your feminist selves occupied: things to read, see, watch, listen to and connect with. From the Victorian Women's Trust.
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Thanks for this! I've added several titles to my reading list.
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I'm not in Australia, but this post still found me a new podcast and a book to read! Thanks!
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Ok I'm throroughly enjoying the guilty feminist podcast. Listening to episode 80 "what's up with men?"
It's awesome and very, very funny!
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From an LGBT perspective focusing on transgender kids, Moral Panic 101 by Benjamin Law is worth a read
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Thanks for this, it’s got heaps of stuff I hadn’t heard of even though I’m in the target audience. MeFites don’t need to be told how awesome Roxane Gay is, but I can confirm that the Pretty For An Aboriginal podcast is heaps of fun and has Gay as a guest in an early and wonderful episode. I think it must have been recorded about the time that Mia Freedman was incredibly rude to Gay when she was in Oz for a writers festival. They don’t discuss it explicitly, but the topic of weight is covered before they get into erotica and trash boyfriends. Needless to say, Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui have far more interesting questions to ask on all of those topics than Freedman ever would.
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