$cientology pays up for once.
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$cientology pays up for once. Lawrence Wollersheim won a case in 1986 against Co$ regarding abusive treatment, but it's taken 16 years for him to get paid. "Show me the money," indeed. (more inside)
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Yeah, I know, CNN link, so sue me (HA!)

After appeal, the original judgement was reduced to $2.5 million, but Wollersheim is getting something on the order of $8.7 million, including the interest. I wouldn't necessarily call this a total "foot bullet" for the culties, but it sure is nice to see them get spanked again.

And as a general comment...do the culties educate their lawyers themselves, or are they all morons? "From what I understand, Wollersheim didn't make any effort to collect the judgment," church attorney William Drescher told The Washington Post. Geez, like this guy doesn't know all the stall tactics that Co$ has used to keep from paying up? Ugh.

BTW...Wollersheim is, I believe, one of the people behind the founding of FACTNet, which has loads of info on cults and the like, beyond Co$.
posted by PeteyStock at 10:11 AM on May 15, 2002

What's worse than fundies?

A "religion" founded by a SF writer on a bet from another SF writer in a bar. It would be a total joke if these guys weren't so serious, especially about the money. I think the Germans got this one right. Scientologists don't qualify as a legitimate religion. Rastafarians however....
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Hmmm... It appears that the old Scientology Googlebomb is back in effect.
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