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Star Wars cantina music as a math problem. Sound required. [single link reddit video, but TOTALLY WORTH IT]
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No blasters! No blasters!
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Your calculator! It'll have to wait outside. We don't want them here.
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IÔÇÖm tired of John Williams and his cliched epic gestures; the whole soundtrack for further movies should be the cantina music looped forever.
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Wow, a kindred spirit! I used to sit in class with my eyes closed and see if I could tell what was being written on the chalkboard using only sound. There's rhythm and duration; taps and scrapes. Now I want to actually attack that question so I can see what is predicted for the cantina theme rhythm and how it matches with this formula.

Also, they really should have used a chalk board for this.
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Still can't believe it's called that.
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No dashed sevens...this will be hard to learn.
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Sadly that top rated comment resolving the calculation down to the speed of light trips up on the product of binominals with a -4f instead of +4f. Unless I'm missing the joke. Nobody enjoys a maths joke more than me, except perhaps my wife and some of her friends. Come to think of it...
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Yeah, it messes it up, but to be fair it's clearly math abuse of the kind where you 'prove' that 0=1. So the fact that they get within spitting distance of a real number is hilarious.
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zamboni: the etymology of "jazz" is hotly disputed, but one reasonably-respected theory is that it was indeed a variant of the word we now say as "jizz".
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Heh heh. You said "hotly".
You guys have better ears and/or speakers than I do, I barely hear a thing.
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(It's now a subreddit)
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Han solved for X first!
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Seems it's a lot easier to play with pencil rather than saxophone
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*Kloo horn
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from that subreddit: the imperial march
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