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Well, can you, punk?

The Great Ape Dictionary needs your help! In our experiment, hosted by, you will see a photo of a chimpanzee and four possible matches. Can you tell who is related to who? Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters – they’re all there! Humans can recognise biological relatives through facial features; we want to explore how kin-based facial recognition evolved in humans and other primates.

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h/t ChuraChura
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I got 4/15, which is basically chance. I thought I was doing a pretty good job looking at brow ridges, coloration, nose and ear shape... Turns out I was just guessing!
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I got 2/15, worse than guessing! I thought I noticed similar traits but I guess not. I wonder how this would compare for humans.
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7/15 which I didn't think was great, but maybe is not too shabby!

I wish they showed you which ones you got wrong. Sometimes it came down to two choices with similar characteristics. I would like to know whether or not I was close on the ones I missed. (I'd also like to know which ones I got right, because my confidence was not very high for any of the sets.)
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I got 6/15, so slightly better than chance. I was mostly looking at brow ridges, noses, and shapes of face in general. Unfortunately, it did not help that the angle and quality of the comparison photos was not consistent.
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I got three. Less than halfway through I became convinced I was seeing the same faces over and over again. There's the one with a green tinge again!
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I got 5. I feel gutted.
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I got 4/15, I'll never be a monkey's uncle.
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I got 11/15. I think I’ve discovered a new talent.
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Seriously? They say all of that stuff about privacy and then embed Twitter javascript?

6/15... what I really want is a follow-up test with humans so I can determine whether I'm chimpazee-racist or if I do just as poorly.
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I got 5/15. I started wondering halfway through if it was one of those things where they tell you the test is about one thing when it's really another.

Also when they ask what year you were born in but it doesn't go past 87 ... that kinda stung.
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5/15. I wish the test told you whether the answers you rated as more "confident" were more likely to be correct.
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4/15. It's a miracle I can find my kids in the crowd after school.
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I got 5/15. I started wondering halfway through if it was one of those things where they tell you the test is about one thing when it's really another.

I'm hoping it's a proof that lineups are not a solid identification technique; in every lineup one of those chimps could be not just related to but the identically same chimp, or completely unrelated.
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5/15 here as well. I listed pretty much all of them as 30% confidence.
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5/15, but now I'm curious to do a similar test but with people, because TBH I'm not sure I'd do much better.
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I got 9/15, but I had my two kids helping me, and they are part chimpanzee themselves, so...
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family monkey family monkey lookin kind of same family monkey
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Well, I'm thoroughly embarrassed, because I only got 5/15. Of course, I don't identify my monkeys by their face, I rely on their nipples and tails, so I just was missing the useful bits for this test.
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I got 2/15 and I was really trying.
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metafilter: i rely on their nipples
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wow i got 10/15 so i'm going to just go ahead and put MONKEYFINDER ROYAL on my business cards
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I got 3/15 and I was really trying too.
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5/15 I couldn't decide whether the color palette / film quality or the comparison of head shape in the crop was false information. I was trying to go by nose shape.
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4/15 Another career path closed to me. :( Sorry, my chimp cousins.
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7/15, and feeling reasonably chuffed about my monkeyspotting skills.
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3/15 :(

I was so scoring them so confidently too. The researchers will probably be laughing at my non-human primate identification hubris.
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I suspect this is really secretly about that confidence slider.

“Oh-ho-ho! Look at these crazy people who think they can score better than chance at something they know nothing about!”
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4/15, so basically rolling dice
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3/15. I left the confidence slider at 50% for most of them, curious about whether the ones I got right were the ones I felt more confident about or not...
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5/15, which is probably just chance + error. It would have been nice to see the results summarized at the end. I might've gone around again after learning what I got right & wrong.
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2/15, but I just picked based on which of the four I thought was most likely to star in a buddy movie with the reference ape. So apparently that was not a winning strategy.
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Well, I'm thoroughly embarrassed, because I only got 5/15.

I got 6/15 so I'll just take your PhD, thanks.
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8/15 - respectable? I think it was the similarity of expressions that got me to match half of them. I also noticed there were a few photos that made me think I'd enjoy being friends with the chimpanzee shown. They seemed kind and like they'd be fun to talk with and, I don't know, go see a movie and grab a beer or banana smoothie afterward.
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8/15! Never been so happy with such a relatively low score :)
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I'm terrible at the faces, but I think these guys deserve a real pat on the back for the gesture/body language survey running on the same site.
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I was also 5/15 and I tried really hard. I, too, wish they'd showed what the answers were at the end mostly because while I compared various factors, it was hard to know what I was really trying to look for. (The varying quality of the photos seemed like it didn't help.)

I would say my confidence started slipping toward the end, though.

It was fun to try, in any case.
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Four. I too wanted a few as companions, remembering that they are awful companions. Now though, they can all pound bananas. Gibbons still get my vote. Few things cheerier than a morning gibbon.
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5, I wish they pictures were all taken from the same angle, but I guess it's hard to get them to pose
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Pretty sure Grape Ape mostly said 'Grape Ape, Grape Ape' - that wouldn't make for that big a dictionary.

Oh wait... Great ape... not Grape ape...
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2/15. Thank god I'm a botanist.
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10/20 on the gestures though
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I considered each picture carefully, confidence ratings between 50 and 65 - score 5/15.

Taking some consolation in the knowledge that in a similar situation, no one looking at a picture of my adorable 6'4", red-headed son would pick me out of a line-up of potential mothers.
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Also when they ask what year you were born in but it doesn't go past 87 ... that kinda stung.

Right?? I'm in a bit of a crisis right now because of that..

Research peeps,, talk me back down with logic please!! Is there a reason this study differentiates the year/age/demographic for anyone under, but not over, 30??

Need to know before proceeding to this very important monkey study.
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4/15. Ugh. I'm such a failure at a task not only did I never care about being good at before, but I didn't even know existed until 10 minutes ago.
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I only got 6/15. There were a few I felt confident on, and a few I wasn't at all. I'm really frustrated we don't get to find out which ones are siblings, or whether our confidence in our answers is reflected in our success.
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7/15, those photos were not ideal. I would have liked to see my confidence reported on.
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I got 13/20 for the gestures
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5/15, and there were DEFINITELY some repeats in the multiple choice answers, if not in the main images of the questions, because I picked the same one with the funny ear as family for two different chimps. I wonder what information they'll glean from the confidence slider!
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Returning to say, I got 14/20 on gestures. This makes me feel better after doing so poorly on sibling matching. I have no idea why; chances are, the fate of the world will never be decided on my ability to identify related chimps.*

*We hope.
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Ah, but how many people noticed the basketball player walking through the background?
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I think this has a few design problems. The images varied widely in quality and even in focus and exposure. And I'm not just saying that because I only got 3/15. It's like asking if you can find my dad in a picture taken from the security camera at my cousin's wedding, and connect him to my sister's yearbook photo and my brother's mugshot.
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I ditched after I was lumped into the "born before 1987" cohort.
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MetaFilter: missing the useful bits
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What a ride. It wasn't really displaying properly on my phone—could only see the bottom half of the top image—so I'm like, ah fuck that, I'll easily identify these chimps on muzzle alone! Then I finished and the score was cut off too, but I had already pressed "next" before I realized this, and there was no going back. So I'm just going to assume 15/15 and move on.
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Gorilla channel better.
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2/15 I’m kind of gutted :(
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There were some where I went all CSI, carefully inspections facial features for minute differences... And there were others where some part of my brain just went "that one. It's that one. No, seriously, I promise you, that one." I'd really like to know how I did on those, whether my brain is trustworthy or not.
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13/20 on the gestures one. So I'll be able to find my kids if they wave at me. Yay!
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Why 1987?

Uh, since I work at a research university, I happen to know that most volunteers for any study are your very own undergraduate and graduate students, recruited from your very own classes or those of your friends.

I'm assuming that this has something to do with wanting to know whether you might be a student? Maybe there's a secondary analysis going on with their own students, some of whom may have worked with primates?

But what do I know, I only got 6/15.
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2/15... I'm surprised - not at my poor performance at a task I know literally nothing about, but at my disappointment over my poor performance. I guess I was subconsciously hoping to be some sort of chimpanzee-identifying savant :(
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7/15. I do not need to change my username.
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3/15. I can't shake the feeling those monkeys outsmarted me.
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Unfortunate. I wasn't shown any monkeys at all
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I hate every ape I see...
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6/15 - I tried to compare ears, noses, mouths, hairlines. But not very successfully.

And I also wondered why 1987. Am I so old that I might have an unfair advantage from spending more time up in the branches of our family tree?
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I also am unhappy about the 1987 cut off.

I got 5/15 and I tried really hard. Maybe other surveys should mix ape matching in, because I feel pretty sure this one has the highest actual engagement rate ever.
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(if it's any consolation to people, the only reason they know these chimpanzees are related is because of genetic testing and they've been working at Budongo for long enough that they've followed many animals since birth.)
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I hit 7/15. I think I did better when I stopped trying
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Why 1987?

Maybe they want to group everyone together who grew up reading about Flo's family in National Geographic.
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It's like asking if you can find my dad in a picture taken from the security camera at my cousin's wedding, and connect him to my sister's yearbook photo and my brother's mugshot.

That sounds like it would be a fun wedding party, though.

I got 2/15 on the faces, so actively worse than just guessing. 10/15 on the gestures; some I thought were obvious and others totally inscrutable, but for all I know I got the inscrutable ones correct.
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4/15. Which, considering I'm not good at recognizing people all that well, is not shocking. I suspect at a certain point I just started looking for similar photos instead of similar faces.
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I got 7/15, and I stopped trying particularly hard around 5 when I realized I wasn't going to be able to use brow shape, eye color etc as identifiers with any reasonable degree of accuracy.

Also, speaking of accuracy, my confidence numbers went something like 45, 35, 10, 10, 10, 50, 50, 50, 50 etc -- starting high, dropping precipitously, and then giving up and leaving as-is when it became clear that this was an impossible task. In retrospect that's a terrible way to treat data so sorry, survey-makers, for mucking up your dataset. Hopefully they're treating the confidence numbers with a grain of salt or whatever.
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4/15. I'm clearly looking at the wrong parts of the face. Ohhh, I need to do it again. I think now that I should have focused less on nose/mouth/brow shape and more on ears and freckles and skin/fur colour combinations.
I also noticed I was very biased towards photos of chimps that looked in the same direction as the one at the top, or that had the same facial expression.

I also didn't like the 1987 cutoff, but maybe they're mainly interested in how under-30s perform because they know something we don't about age and facial recognition.
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10/15 on the gestures;

10/20, I mean. Not a terrible percentage, but not exactly fluent in Chimpanese either.
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This is late in the thread, but still : please from your friendly local (unconnected to this project) researcher who studies humans over the internet, please don't take the study if you've already been in here reading about how to recognize apes! Or if you skimmed down here for some reason, go take the quiz now before reading the thread.

Unless they give you a way to say that your data shouldn't be used (this is a good practice, mostly people want to tell you if they were e.g. distracted and not mess up your science! but I haven't checked for this, since I'm in this thread reading about monkey faces), having a bunch of your participants chatting about how to solve the task beforehand can heck up your analyses pretty bad.

(I have no idea if these particular researchers care , but 'do the study first, talk about it after' is a good general rule of thumb if you feel like doing a mitzvah for online social scientists)
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3/15. Don't know that this says as much about great apes as it does about me; I already knew I completely suck at the whole face recognition thing.
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4/15 — nice to know it is not an unusual score. And I too would really like to see which ones I got right.
Another thing is: I am not an ape, but I don't look much like my siblings and only two out of the six of us look somewhat like each other, though I suspect it is their similar style choices. We all look different enough that people comment on it. I do look a lot like our parents, it's them that don't. Genetics are complicated.
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You are an ape!
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MetaFilter: ChuraChura is an ape
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5/15. Thought it sucked until I saw the thread.
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Sorry, yes of course I'm an ape, what was I thinking?
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4/15, basically at chance. I'm not shocked.

As I recall, chimpanzees have a huge amount more variation in their genome than humans, and this seems to be reflected in the variation in genes which impact on facial feature. So two related chimps are less likely to look very similar to each other than two related humans. Although for chimps themselves, it probably makes individual identification easier, and they can probably tell relatedness relatively easily.

Processing of faces is really interesting. It's thought to be an evolutionarily ancient system, predating primates (we share the same neurobiological substrate for face processing with sheep, for example, though we can't rule out that there is a preadaptation which permitted convergent evolution). Part of the temporal lobe decomposes the image of a face into a smaller number of dimensions of variation, called "face space." These dimensions consist of things like roundness vs. ovalness, square chin vs. pointy chin, distance between the eyes, etc. Each of us seems to carry a template around in our heads of what a "default face" looks like, and actual faces we see are encoded as differences from the default face. As well as the default face, we also carry a representation of the primary ways that faces deviate from the default face (so-called "eigenfaces"). The default face together with the eigenfaces describe the basis of face space [1], and everyone's personal face space is unique. One possible reason why people who grow up in ethnically homogeneous societies have more trouble discriminating the faces of people from outside their society may be because they lack sufficient experience with the relevant eigenfaces for discriminating faces from other populations.

Identifying relatedness by faces is probably largely a matter of identifying faces that are near each other in a face space that is properly trained to reflect the true underlying genetic variation that explains facial features. For humans to do this for chimps is pretty tricky, as most of our results on this test confirm. The "average" chimp face is probably nowhere near the default face for most of us, and our eigenfaces are poorly equipped to represent the true variability in chimpanzee faces. So we're working with relatively little variation in the neural representation of these faces to begin with, so identifying relatedness is even harder.

I would wager that chimps are better at doing this with humans than we are with chimps. Because of the richer genetic variation in their background, their face space probably has a richer set of eigenfaces for representing differences between human faces. But I could be wrong; maybe the differences between our faces are so slight compared to the rich variation they enjoy that for chimps, all humans mostly look alike. Someone's probably studied this.

[1]. For the mathematically inclined, face space is basically a vector space, the default face is its zero element, and eigenfaces are bases for the space. Eigenfaces should reflect the statistical variation in faces that a person sees, and so for a well-trained viewer of faces, eigenfaces should be approximately orthonormal.
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Why 1987?

Never trust anyone over thirty.
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4/15. I tried to go by nose shape and eye shape so ... don't do that.
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8/15 not quite the wizard. But, I really liked them after looking at length.
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2/15.... I'm a bad monkey.
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8/20 on the gestures, so I guess if I had to go live with apes I'd be that weirdo with no manners.
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Except for the hyperintelligent AIs masquerading as apes, we're all apes down here.
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The images varied widely in quality and even in focus and exposure

You try making the chimps sit still for glamour shots!
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I somehow managed to get 1/15. I think I deserve a prize for doing way worse than random chance hah. I tried really hard too, comparing the brows and noses and colors and such.
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I got a group of coworkers together today and we did the quiz together. Collectively we have something like 50-60 years of experience working with nonhuman primates. I thought we might get a "wisdom of crowds" sort of effect.

Our group score was 4/15.
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6/15. I thought being an Aspie would lessen my score results of facial recognition, but apparently I can tell something about these monkeys though.
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