ZZK: digital cumbia (and more) from Argentina (and beyond)
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ZZK Records is a homegrown record label and artist collective born out of the Zizek Club nights in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They represent an eclectic, electric collection of sounds from parties that they were throwing as a group of friends, starting back in 2006, as recounted by El G. The label officially hits the decade mark later this year, but why wait? You can start with their first release, ZZK Sound Vol. 1, on Bandcamp. With that release, called their sound "Digital Cumbia," (previously) but they've grown up to be more than that. You can track their releases on Discogs, browse their Soundcloud account, hear it all on Bandcamp, or download hours and hours of mixes in their collection of digital "mixtapes". To enjoy their visual aesthetic (more), check out their YouTube account.

For more on Zizek/ZZK, check out A Musical Journey and a discussion on the documentary.

If you wanted to track individual artists from the ZZK roster, behold another trove of treasures on Soundcloud!
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If you were wondering what track is now missing from ZZK Sound Vol. 1, it's La Mara Tomasa - El Hijo De La Cumbia, which was track #6, per the CD tracklist on Discogs.
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This is great thank you.
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Nicola Cruz' mixtape was just what the doctor ordered after such a weird news day. Thanks for serving this up filthy light thief.
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While living in Buenos Aires I came across ZZK and Chancha Via Circuito in particular via this post from the 91 Days blog which gives the reason behind his name - it's a local train.

A related artist who has done some work with ZZK is El Buho (Soundcloud) - who collaborated with a lot of the main ZZK artists on an album called A Guide to the Birdsong of South America with each track based around one particular bird. 3 of the tracks, including Chancha via Circuito's are here.

Thanks for the post - it's great to trawl through all this again.
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