The Christian Right and Israel
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The Christian Right and Israel is the topic of this interesting article from the editor of The New Republic, who sees the Christian conservatives' interest in Israel as less than persuasive, as it relies on Biblical legitimacy and not Democratic legitimacy. From the article: "for Christian conservatives like Armey and Parshall, Israel's interests cannot be defined pragmatically, because Israel's primary function is to clarify a larger worldview. Whether or not most evangelicals truly believe Israel's wars will usher in the Messianic Age, they are theologically conditioned to see its struggle as Manichaean".
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wow, forcible relocation by dick armey, that's nice and democratic, honoring human rights etc. sometimes i'm surprised at how horrible some of the things our leaders say are.

This is not a political battle at all. It is a contest over whether or not the word of God is true. -James Inhofe

sigh, are the american people really that stupid? i hope he is underestimating his constituency.
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I now feel unclean...excuse me, I must go bathe.
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It's not available on Mother Jones website, but they are carrying an equally chilling look into "The evangelical Christian movement that aims to eliminate Islam" via missionaries and ulterior motivated humanitarians. You gotta buy it or read it at the store though.
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"What will people like Armey and Parshall do when Israel takes actions--such as leaving much of the West Bank--that undermine the biblical justification for its existence?"

Good question, though I think that 'when' should be an 'if'. I assume that from their perspective a lesser Isreal is better than no Isreal, so I doubt there would be a substantial rift.

Thanks for the link, this is a fascinating topic. I find the idea that our foreign policy is guided by this worldview very unnerving. This topic has been discussed previously, BTW.
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Lately I've been thinking Bush's "crusade" comment back in September wasn't such a slip of the tongue after all. Not that I think he wanted or was planning anything like that, or that he even knew what he was saying. Since then however, the remark has seemed to be much more of a premonition.

That, by the way, scares the crap out of me. But then so do most world events these days.
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Dick Armey. Huh huh huh huh.

But as long as we are steadily advancing toward the inevitable Apocalypse, might as well sit back and enjoy it.

Just gotta let that heifer get to slaughterin' size.....
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The New Republic has described itself as Israel's "Most Articulate Friend in the U.S. Media"
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Time for a public service announcement:

"Attention, Jews: Fundamentalist Christians Are Not Your Friends"

Thank you.
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