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As if.
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Okay, I'll say it: Eponysterical.
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> The thirty landowners who own half a county.

FWIW the largest private landowner in the United States owns fully 0.1% of the all the land in the country.

That may not sound too impressive until you realize that the land area of the United States is 2.3 billion acres. A single person owning 1/1000th of that is . . . a lot.
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First-hand anecdote time, typed by me but all info from That Duncan Campbell who is sat about 6 feet away from me (due to him being my hubby)... About Duncan's urbex in to the Post Office tunnels
(as mentioned/linked from the first article).

He, and the photographer (Chris Davies) really did smuggle a Christmas tree and prop-gift in to the tunnels (along with Duncan's bike) - they entered at Bethnal Green, took their props around and about, ending up taking the front cover photo somewhere under Trafalgar Square.

After the article comes out, the Post Office flat-out denies that they ever gained such access - first seizing on the unargued "sexing up" of the front cover photo (painted-in Santa and cartoon moles for comedy value). Eventually, Special Branch checked the tunnels and found remnants of tinsel which had fallen from the tree, proving the adventure-tale true.

Also, due to unexpectedly difficult egress from the tunnels they had to leave Duncan's bicycle behind on the first trip, then return to recover it prior to the article being published.
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