Next week, it will have been one year since the Women's March. What now?
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This year, the official main march will be held in Las Vegas, NV, as part of the March to the Polls. Sister marches and allied anniversary marches are also taking place; Denver, CO is hosting an especially big sister march, as is Houston, TX. This year, there is no list of centralized sister marches on the main site, although there is one on the Women's March NYC Facebook page. Still, sister marches are appearing in a surprising number of places as women nationwide remember and celebrate the action that kicked off a year of impressive political engagement. Sometimes the inspiration to move forward comes from surprising places--and sometimes it's important to pause and remember how far we've come since the first March.
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While there will be a march in Seattle, the organizers of the first march are instead organizing a day of action. (They are on different days, so energetic people could do both.)
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We're heading down to NYC for the march. I need to get my act together and print some more posters!
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Looking forward to doing the Oakland march with my girls. None of us can vote yet (they are 2 and 6, and I‘m not a citizen...) but we can still ride the Blue Wave, can‘t we? Will try to make flags and/or surfboard signs.
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I am going to the local march in Morristown, NJ.
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I'm planning on marching in Seneca Falls, New York, the site of the first Women's Rights Convention in 1848.
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I’m going to a rally in Fairbanks, AK. Last year I think it was pushing 20 below, this year, it’s hard to say.
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See you in San Francisco!
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I was in the march in Portland (OR) last year, and like most people, was overwhelmed at the sheer numbers and generally positive vibe... which was really, really needed considering everyone was still in post-election shock.

But it was mostly that, a general cheering-up the like-minded. And boy, it'd be nice if we could effect change, too. So this year I'm starting to wonder if there is much purpose in marching anywhere other than, like, on the White House. If one tenth of the people participating in marches just descended on DC...
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I believe that last year's march had any number of non-ephemeral, non-how-I-feel consequences. I hope more people will show up in person to remind us all what they value, what they won't accept, and more.
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The controversy about the pussy hats (and white feminism more broadly) is dominating the Seattle conversation.
I'm helping to run one of the events in my neighborhood on Sunday. I'll probably go on Saturday.
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I didn't mean feel-good in a bad way, stevil. I mean, we all needed to feel a bit better, especially then. I just want... more. The marches feel like not enough, right now. Maybe it's just me.
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My friends and I marched in NYC last year. I was really shaken by the election, and the march was the first time I'd felt at all optimistic. And I think that the optimism from all those people helped fuel the movements we've seen over the past year.

The opposition can't be allowed to think that all they need to do is wait a year or two until we get so tired of their crazy that we just retreat into our own lives and let them do what they want to the country.

So, we're planning on coming back again, signs in hand. Let's make it clear we're still here.
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If you're looking for a march to attend please consider Knoxville as the March is being counter protested by white supremacists teamed up with an antichoice group.
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> I just want... more. The marches feel like not enough, right now.

This is not directed at you in particular, but I've never understood this argument in any context. I want more than lunch, but I'm still gonna eat lunch. You can go to a march and also vote, call politicians, and engage in your favorite subversive activities. Seeing the pictures of all those women was a huge morale boost for me and a lot of people a year ago, and I sure hope there's a big turnout this year. Let them know people aren't going away!
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Marching in Fort Worth, TX. Can't wait. Everyone seems to be looking forward to it, dudes included.
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Next week, it will have been one year since the Women's March. What now?

Elect Democrats this year.
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I'm marching in DC and I'll be at the Arlington Dems poster meetup on Friday night.
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I will be in Las Vegas; anyone else attending from Southern Nevada/Northern Arizona, please feel free to me-mail for solidarity and meetup purposes.
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I’ll be in NYC, marching with a large group from NJ-5 that is dedicated and organizing to protect our new blue congressman in 2018. We are fired up!
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Meetup/march side note for the record: I had an IRL meetup posted where I was trying to organize some kind of loose MeFi posse for Seattle, but I've just pulled it because I have a last minute doc appointment I just landed from a standby list that will conflict with the whole weekend and being able to travel to Seattle.

It's good, proactive stuff though, and this will also let me participate and represent locally.
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Houston TX: The back of her sign said: I'm a girl. What's YOUR superpower? Here's the front. Get ready. It is happening!
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