“You can bring a bullet, bring a sword, bring a morgue”
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“Black Panther soundtrack keeps getting better, adds Jay Rock, Future track. “King’s Dead” is the third track from the album released so far. Kendrick Lamar first premiered the first track, “All the Stars,” with labelmate, Sza. A tease of Lamar’s collaboration with Vince Staples debuted with the latest Black Panther teaser. Lamar, who is producing the album, hasn’t revealed the full list of tracks and contributing artists. The Black Panther soundtrack will be released on Feb. 9. Black Panther will follow one week later, hitting theaters on Feb. 16.” [via: Polygon]
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And let's not forget Run the Jewels contribution, as “Legend Has It” was the main beat for the official Black Panther teaser.
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One of the best things - among many - in the trailer was "The Revolution will not be televised" as it's an awesome song and it gave me a chance to lecture the kids about Gil Scott-Heron and how people used to watch television the way people today look at their phones.
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All the stars are kosher.
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I'm extremely into any Kendrick/Vince Staples collabs. I really wish they'd put together a full album together.
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All the stars are kosher.

Damn you, now I can't un-hear it.
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Well, I mean, they are.
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Dammit. With all the twittering about advanced ticket sales, I spent most of the last few days thinking, Black Panther comes out the 16th? That's NEXT WEEK! Whooo!

(I mean I knew it was coming out in February but...forgot it wasn't February yet, I guess?)
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I wish Black Panther had been made about two years earlier so that I hadn't been thoroughly burned out on superhero movies. I'd have far preferred to watch this than, say, Civil War.
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Merus, I feel the same way. That being said. I think this is still going to be pretty badass.
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Black Panther Tickets Sold Out So Fast, Even Lupita Nyong'o Couldn't Buy One

She should come to Seattle then, the Cinerama has plenty of seats available for the 10:45 showing on the 15th.
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