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Camera 1 | The bald eagles at Codorus State Park (near Hanover, PA) have returned to their nest for the 2018 mating season, (Camera 2 w/ night vision) hopefully to raise another set of young as successfully as they did in 2017. The nest sustained a lot of damage and is currently about half its previous size, so the pair are in the midst of a rebuilding effort in time for egg-laying. (Last year, the first egg appeared on the evening of February 10 and the second on the evening of the 13th.)

The first record of an active nest in this area is from 2005. Records indicate that eaglets have fledged eight times, most often two at a time. There are no records indicating that any of the adult nesting eagles have been banded or otherwise marked. These cameras were installed in November 2015. Codorus State Park staff have been instrumental with on the ground staff and in facilitating this project. The Pennsylvania Game Commission encourages eagle watchers to stay at least 1,000 feet from bald eagle nests to reduce stress on the nesting eagles.

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I tried to turn down the sound of wind clipping, but the volume slider had no effect. Then I tried pausing the video, but it seems the sound on Camera 2 is completely independent of all control.
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I tuned in just in time to see one, than the other, fly away.
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Just noting that there are also cameras on two nests in the city of Pittsburgh. The Hays eagles: ... and the Harmar eagles:
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So what happened to last year's babies? They fledged, right?

I seem to have heard that bald eagle juveniles hang around their parents for a year or two after fledging, because they're not that good at hunting before they reach full maturity. So I'm surprised that the pair would lay new eggs if they still have juveniles!
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They did fledge- but AFAIK they have not been spotted near this particular nest. They may still be nearby, though.
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