Trainspotting and Poptopping
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British Rail, Rail Blue 1967-1980 Footage of British Rail trains accompanied by contemporary music hits and radio show clips (SLVimeo)
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For me, it had a soothing feel - up to the point where the train/DJ juxtaposition reminded me that this was the "age of the train" era when, the adverts hinted, particularly lucky boys and girls could find themselves seated next to Jimmy Savile.
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Thanks for the post! Hearing dj/presenter Kenny Everett at the beginning took me down a rabbit hole that ended up at the documentary: When Freddie [Mercury] Met Kenny [Everett]
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This is great, thanks.

Anyone guess at any of the places?

9.58 building on hill - cathedral?
11.45 is Winchester (platform sign and King Alfred statue)
17.5 aqueduct
29.5 there are platform signs but I can't read them
30.50 another aqueduct
32.01 bridge
33.10 coast and tunnel
36.32 I think that's St Pancras?
43.34 sign, King's Cross
59.33 Didcot?
1.01.33 beach huts

Good orange cars at 20.29.and 1.01.11.
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17.55... Glenfinnan Viaduct?

33.10 coast and tunnel... Dawlish / Teignmouth, South Devon?

36.32 I think that's St Pancras? Me too.
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I'm 95% certain that the viaduct at 17:50 is Ribblehead on the Settle to Carlisle line.

The station at 29:50 could be Carlisle or Preston on the West Coast Main Line, but I'm guessing.

The bridge at 32:01 is the Royal Albert Bridge in Plymouth. The loco pulling the train looks to be a Class 52 which ran mainly in the Western region so that would fit.

The coast and tunnel is Dawlish on the line between Exeter and Plymouth. Storms destroyed a big chunk of the line in 2014.

36:32 - Definitely Saint Pancras!

The beach huts are on the Dawlish line again - probably leaving the tunnel we saw the train entering in the previous clip.
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29.5: The sign looked like Carlisle to me, and that was before seeing jontyjago's guess if that's any help. There are modern pics of the station here if that tells you anything.

Bath at 1.00.10?
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Thanks, everyone! Yes, I thought the sign at 29.5 started with C, so let's go with Carlisle. Actually, let's go TO Carlisle, have always wanted to since passing the signs to it with the Roman helmets.
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