Yoda Wars.
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Yoda Wars. Tacky and fun content to fulfill all your Yoda needs.
posted by brownpau (9 comments total)
Perhaps this would be a more appropriate link for my post below. This is great!
posted by aaronshaf at 7:57 AM on May 16, 2002

Double Post?
Or Metatalk?
Or, we have to surrender to a Yoda FPP every other seven?
posted by matteo at 7:58 AM on May 16, 2002

It's Episode II Day out there, so I would think it only natural that Yoda posts would proliferate today. And I thought it was a nice link that hadn't been posted to MeFi yet. Is this a problem, matteo? More resourceful MeFites might consider this an opportunity for memetic follow-up posts.
posted by brownpau at 8:09 AM on May 16, 2002

No problem, man.
It's just that you're probably nor aware that we've tried to limit the amount of Israeli/Palestinian FPP's because this was quickly becoming MiddleEastFilter, with very painful flame wars and so forth
I'm just afraid of a StarWars FPP orgy (especially if you think that it's been consistently panned by critics and many MeFi users really consider Big Budget movie talk more appropriate for MetaTalk than MeFi FPP
That's all.
posted by matteo at 8:15 AM on May 16, 2002

Yeah, I see what you mean. But I don't think the inadvertent transformation of MeFi into a sort of YodaFilter for Episode II Opening Day is too bad. ;) Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I was biting off heads back there. May I appease you all with the Yoda Translator?
posted by brownpau at 8:24 AM on May 16, 2002

dammit, where's the yoda porn? ken stringfellow told me there would be yoda porn...
posted by pxe2000 at 9:09 AM on May 16, 2002

"where's the yoda porn?"

Hot you think he is, yes?
posted by mr_crash_davis at 9:13 AM on May 16, 2002

Big her breasts are. Smother me with them, she does. Hmmmm?
posted by schlaager at 10:24 AM on May 16, 2002

"where's the yoda porn?"

Yoda.zip is the last one on the page... Oh, how I wish we could post anonymously (nothing graphic, but it's not for the kids either).
posted by Gary at 10:02 PM on May 16, 2002

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