A Horror Movie for Every Day of the Year
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Shaenon K. Garrity, the comic artist/writer behind Narbonic, Skin Horse, and the X-Files recap webcomic Monster of the Week, has a new project Horror Every Day, a sort of electronic tearaway calendar recommending a new horror movies tied extremely vaguely to anniversaries or holidays or some such, with nice illustrations and occasional content warnings. Occasional mild spoilers, I suppose. Previously Previously Previously
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Oh, Shaennon, you never fail to "Wow!" me, even when your illustrations are raw sketches and kinda faint. I was won over on January 2nd, when she featured Spielberg's "Duel"*. Her use of the rapidly-becoming-cliche "CW"** is excellent, but he misspelled Bruce Campbell's name on January 8th. Proofreading CAN be scary.

*which I have a personal connection to, having worked as Sidekick to the Wacky Radio DJ who was "Voice on the Car Radio" in this, putting me two degrees from Steven Spielberg AND Dennis Weaver.
**which in addition to standing for Content Warning, are the initials of my legal name, one more reason to be Wendell.

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Being a person from the US, this seems unnecessary since every day is a new horrir if you listen to the news....

But, my boss is gonna love this.
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Oh, this is a beauty of a project. And don't miss the little gag/reference in each page's URL.
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