African White-capped Hocky Owl
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"Segfish" sounds like great name for a memory debugger.
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Or a hacking method, either would work.
posted by Dr Dracator at 1:07 AM on January 21

This has been going around my Facebook lately. It's true fish names are weird and were possibly invented by drunken people, as most fisheries grad students can attest. And I think a pighead mullet might be a real fish tbh, but I am not a mulletologist so not 100% sure. But I'd believe it if I saw it in a white paper.
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Slaty White-throated Fairy-bellied Ground-Tyrant

This also showed up in the “Neural Nets Create Shakespearean Insults” post.
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Even cranked up to the highest level, would I blink an eye if told it's an Australian species? Probably not.

This is why I need to go to Australia, drink all the wine, and look at all the bizarre colorful birdies.
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Janelle Shane's neural network stuff always makes me chuckle but this had me snorting with laughter. The illustrations are delightful, too.
posted by Lexica at 10:26 AM on January 21


No, no, no! It's Tuttlebird!
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warn-winged Wood-banded-Black-breasted Stesing-Patein-fronted Crimsonwing

I'm imagining a cantankerous old prospector shouting this at the annoying bird that stole his lunch. ('Cause his mama raised him right, so he never cusses, not even at birds.)
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Love it! Disappointed there was no illustration for the Fawn-bellied Flowerpecker, though.
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Is this where we goggle at real fish names?
"aristocratic bunquelovely"
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