Thursdays Wouldn't Be Thursdays Without Popbitch!
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Thursdays Wouldn't Be Thursdays Without Popbitch! I was nostalgically going over holgate's archive and came across his March 2001 Popbitch post. In case you haven't heard of it, it's an hilarious, outrageous and probably libelous free weekly newsletter dedicated to dishing the dirt on (mostly)British celebs. And yet it now looks like its founder and editor, Stevenson, has been head-hunted to edit the vapid monthly stylemag The Face. [Sob] So does anyone know of any other similarly outspoken and irreverent webby gossip sheets?[On preview: this June 2001 post by mocata is also worth reading.]
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Buddyhead's gossip pages are usually a fun read, but not as pop-oriented as Popbitch. Should be taken with a large grain of salt, too.
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Here is a taste from today's newsletter:

Swotkins indulges in girl-love: The female fashion editor of a London magazine is claiming to have slept with Ian Watkins, aka H Steps. Needless to say, we at Popbitch are shocked at this story, and do not condone the "inn-ing" of celebrities who wish to maintain an outer facade of gayness.
Big Questions: which tiresome it girl is giving something back to society by dealing cocaine to her friends? kym marsh was seen leaving a harley st plastic surgeon's clinic last week. what could she be having done? tits, fat or face
Dead Famous: oh sweet christ, there's an elvis revival. you know pop music is in trouble when there's an elvis revival. but, sadly, here we are again. a little less conversation from the nike ad is released june 10th, and will be followed by a pisspoor elvis tour, featuring a band playing elvis tracks while video footage of of the cheeseburger-eating fool plays a assive screen behind them. some elvis facts to bore your friends with: * as well as cheeseburgers, elvis ate deep fried squirrels. * he never performed oral sex a lady. * he shopped john lennon to nixon for drugs. * he had a twin that died in childbirth. * he shagged priscilla when she was about 14.
spoon-bender uri geller has a totally mirrored khazi[toilet] complete with cosmic crystals.
Celebrity Love: Wanky fun with the streets. apani writes: i went out with mike skinner (aka the streets) last summer and although he claims to be a ladies man, i think most of his sexual experience must have come from watching porn movies. he insisted tossing himself off and kept repeating his mantra: 'say wank mike, say wank mike, say wank mike...'
Will self's mobile ring is smells like teen spirit.
Paedo-Pop Continues: nordic children play popstar: gmtv's tawdry tot stars reached its finale this week, and jaded paedophiles across the country will have watched in disdain as malnourished welsh nine-year-old demi holborn won with celine dion's think twice. but scandinavian kiddy-fiddlers will have wanked themselves into a froth over melodi grand prix junior, a glossy under-16s version of the eurovision song contest. this year's winner was 12-year-old rough trade razz from denmark, who rapped his way through kickflipper dressed in hip hop-style basketball kit.
unpleasant photos:
gruesome twosome: guy ritchie and william hague. doing judo, apparently. botters.
ted nugent has brought out a new book kill it and grill it, a practical guide to cornering, exterminating, gutting, cooking and eating wild animals. recipes include maple-bourbon wild boar, barbecue black bear and sweet and sour antelope.
ancient jokes home: why do anarchists drink herbal tea? a because proper tea is theft.
still bored? eat some household animals.>

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"Nostalgically going over holgate's archive"? I dug Nick's ideas a lot, but, man, since when do we have a holgate fan club...?
I'm not snarky or something, just asking. I could even ask for a membership
Are there any other former MeFi posters who have this kind of fan base?
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Item! Marlon Brando's classic film The Freshman just came to my local Rap-Id Stop and for some reason he was rather rotund in the middle if you get my drift. Well, I have it on good authority that Brando has lost the svelte figure that he boasted in his classic On the Waterfront. Apparently, he had to put on weight for one of his roles as the Italian mobster who sired Superman and he hasn't yet been able to win the battle of the bulge. What a methodist actor!

Item! Hot on the rumor line is the recent marriage of actress/model Julia Roberts and country singer Lyle Lovett. The ceremony was supposedly delivered by none other than actor Brian Dennehy (They Live) while the couple was standing on their heads! Talk about the pretty woman and the homely country singer! And only in Hollywood could such a crazy thing take place. Hollywood! The city where dreams can (and often do) come true.

What's this all this talk about computers making movies? I hear gossip about Steven Spielburg making a movie with some computers. Well, you can forget about it. As Wells (my hero) as my witness, computers will never take the place of Korean animators in MY lifetime!

Item! Well, there's just no end to the scandals! The Outside Scoop's Ivy League contacts have told me that John Cussack just got himself kicked out of college for mooning the other students and drinking in class! He had also taken to carousing in the women's dorms. Perhaps this is the wake-up call that our I Said Something friend needs. His talent is too good to go to waste on such hedonistic pursuits.

When will the madness end? Jerry Garcia,
keyboardist for the Grateful Dead, just died. Apparently, he was in a hospital for some kind of treatment when he choked on a ham sandwich and three donuts. Jerry, we hardly knew ye. What a long, long trip it's been.

Gays in the military? What's next, gays in the movies?!?

Joseph Cotten isn't in the news this week, but he should be for his roles in the classic films The Magnificent Ambersons and Citizen Kane. What an actor's actor!

Item! I just saw a chilling documentary on the state of music. The film is This Is Spinal Tap. It's directed by Meathead(Remember? From All In the Family?), and it follows the band Spinal Tap on tour. If this is the music that kids like, then I'm glad to be 34.

Here's a parting thought for you. Lon Chaney Jr. and Grateful Dead keyboardist Phil Lesh: Separated at birth? Until next week, I'll see you across from the funny pages!

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Hahahaha..... Jack Harvey's Inside Scoop!
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I've spent many an hour perusing the ever entertaining A List... James Dean was into amputees? Who knew?
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Oh, how I hate popbitch.

I really need to cancel my subscription.
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Popbitch gave me my two favorite jokes of late:

What's brown and sticky? A stick.

What do you call a Frenchman in sandals? Phillipe Phillop.

I should mention that I like my jokes with milk and cookies during afternoon snacktime.
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Miguel- you give and you deserve to get : People News (UK) , Dagospia (Italy) and Gossip News (Italy)
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I subscribed to Popbitch a year ago. I miss about 70% of the pop culture references.
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Found Popbitch about a year ago when it started to get mentioned in The Guardian's weekly internet column (which was how I came to hear about MeFi too).

The other week I let them know about an impossibly camp Russian singer who covered Tarkan's Simarik before Holly Valance turned it into Kiss kiss, and it seems to have brought the Russian popwatchers out of the woodwork - he's turned up in both the newsletters since...
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