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A JavaScript NES emulator, by Ben Firshman. Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, and many more. Via kottke.
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I didn't even realize Lemmings for NES was a thing! The machine apparently lacks the processing power to make little craters after they explode...
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Drag and drop roms is a nice web friendly feature. My kid has a Nintendo Switch and when he takes it out of the taco (cradle) for the long drive to a hockey game he has no idea how lucky he is to have a fully functional console in his hands, we would have killed for something like that.
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Very nice, perfect for the last 30 mins at work on a Friday evening when all you want to do is the square root of fuck all.

@East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94

Lemmings came out for the Commodore 64 too.
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I just shared this in the office gaming slack channel.
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Lemmings also apparently had an arcade adaptation, according to the collection of MAME ROMs I definitely didn't download from a sketchy website.
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Does Lemmings not suffer badly from the transition from a mouse/pointing device to a 4-directional joystick? I can imagine piloting the pointer between the little walking figures and the icons at the bottom of the screen would add considerably to the frustration.
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There goes our side of the office's Friday productivity
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Well that's just goshdarn awesome. On a personal note, though trying to play Tetris with the spin on the left (ZX) and the motion on the right (arrow keys) which is opposite what is was on the NES controller is making sparks in my brain.
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btw, for folks who can get to Philly, there will be an interactive exhibition Game Masters on the history of video game design, opening March 31, at the Franklin Institute.
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The Lemmings port is... not great, no. Controls appear to be:
  • D-pad/arrows to move cursor around the playing field
  • A button plus d-pad/arrows to select the type of job
  • B button to while the cursor is over the lemming to assign it a job
That said, I could see a controller-based port working well if they changed the control scheme to be more like 'up/down' cycles through the jobs, 'left/right' cycles through the lemmings (with maybe using 'A' to cycle through faster in the case of large numbers of lemmings), and 'B' assigned the job to the currently selected lemming.
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Maybe it's just me but I can't get any button controls to work, and I can only watch helplessly as barrels run me over since I cannot jump over them.
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wow i had read the comment about the controls being backward but i didn't realize how much muscle memory i had even though i only ever owned a gameboy. i played NES/SNES etc a friends house and had an original gameboy. and i've had a wii at various times.

but even as a very casual player, it's very hard to make my left hand do jumping. i kept using my right hand to make the blocks spin in tetris also.

fun tho! this is great.
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And just like that I am reminded of an old OC Remix by DJ Pretzel: Hillbilly Rodeo.
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So much fun! I was playing Donkey Kong and my 11 year old wandered over from his Xbox. WHAT IS THAT?!?!
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This is basically the same control scheme I used for years of illicit NES emulation
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