“At Lelystad airport ten thousand counterfeit video games were crushed.”
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Images Resurface From 1994 Showing Nintendo Destroying Counterfeit Games With A Steamroller [Nintendo Life] “Nintendo games seem to be a particularly popular option for counterfeit product makers; the chances of finding a whole host of knock-off goods from any car boot sale or eBay search is scarily high. While we don't always see how companies such as the 'Big N' deal with such matters, these recently rediscovered photos show what is possibly the best method we could ever imagine. Enter the steamroller. Found by the archivists at Gamegeschiedenis (@gamegeschied), these images of counterfeit Nintendo products being crushed were reportedly taken in the Netherlands back in 1994. The photos featuring some lucky employee whose job was to go around stomping on the fake games in a Mario outfit stood out as a particular highlight to us, although that actually does seem like a good way to put across a strong message to potential fraudsters.”
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Literally Super SMASH Bros.
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This is probably a horribly inefficient way of destroying them but it is super charming.
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Reminds me of the old days when David Letterman would drop stuff off a five-story building or blow stuff up with an air compressor or whatever.
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Reminded me of time Atari went defunct. And they took all of their game cartridges and buried them in a landfill. Some guy found out, went and dug them up, rented a storage shed to hold them all, and sold them all cheap by mail order. Made a ton of dough!

I guess N brought out the steamroller to make sure no one did that again!
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Another "strong message to fraudsters" from around about the same time.
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It's been done.
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Wow, actual steam roller.
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