It's a premise, Sam. Run with it.
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O, memories, you come rushing back.
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I had to spend FOREVER explaining why I started laughing when my family expanded their pets. First, they had a dog named Samuel (after Coleridge - my family is a bit odd), then they got a second dog.


His name was Max.

I got to dust off my beloved stare of blank incredulity, followed by a round of cackling.
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O, memories, you come rushing back.

I'll say. I served time in the great 90s Canadian TV animation mill.
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Sam & Max Hit the Road was one of the first CD-ROM games I ever owned. As such their voices became etched in my mind. So etched that I couldn't handle more than a minute or two of the Sam & Max cartoon or their Telltale game. It's just not the same without the original voice actors.
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I'm really impressed by how they had the game 95% planned out in this design doc. Modern game design seems to be so iterative - it's really interesting to see that, conceptually, Sam & Max Hit the Road was very much a complete concept and story before the programming began.
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I'd be peeing my pants if I wore any!
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I was reading this, thinking that it would be neat if the private and confidential warnings continued to change through the document. After a few pages of repeats, I decided it would be better if they lulled you through repetition, then began to go off piste a fair way into the document. Lo and behold, on p19…
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An acquaintance, who professes to be ignorant of the comics/games, has sons named Samuel and Maxwell. I refer to her children as “the freelance police” whenever possible.
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I served time in the great 90s Canadian TV animation mill.

Well, that explains RRSP on the cheese, anyway.
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Sam: Well, it's worth a shot. Hey Max, want to come here and ground me?
Max: You're pushing 40 in dog years, you're not a very good detective and it looks like you have put on weight.
Sam: Thanks, that'll do it.
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The comics were among my al- time favorite comics. The game was among my all-time favorite games. the new series were good fun though the change in voice actors and a bit of change of tone sort of made them occasionally annoying.


Sam: Max, where should I put this so it doesn't hurt anyone we know or care about?
Max: Out the window, Sam. There's nothing but strangers out there.
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The headings in this are to die for. Thank you!

> Some Pleasantly Brief Assertions About SCUMM

If someone sent me this as a meeting invite, I would accept it instantly.

> A Less-Painful But Equally Specific List Of Puzzles

I hit the top of the previous section, my eyes glazed over, I hit page down a few times, and then they fell on this lovely simple indented list of single-line items. After a moment, my eyes read upwards for a heading and found it.
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This is great. I miss LucasArts so much.
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Ready for my close up, Mr. Corman...
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What's the good word, little buddy?
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Jackalopes: the bastard pets of Piltdown Man.
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i think about this game everytime I take a road trip.
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Oh, there once was a man named John Muir
A naturalist noble, and pure!
His love for all beasties
The most and the leasties
Has never been equalled

Uh... fer sure.
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I love the old Sam & Max games, but even the newer episodic titles are still pretty damn great. BANANG!
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To: Aznable
From: Max

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I'd ask where this document has been hiding for all these years, but of course the answer would be "none of your damn business."
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What's the best/easiest way to play the old Sam & Max? I loved that game as a kid, alongside Day of the Tentacle.
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gucci mane: GOG has you covered for $5.99
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Whoa, awesome. Reading the list of puzzles was like memory after memory.
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15-year Lucas Arts veteran Aric Wilmunder hosts his own games industry archive, which includes design docs for:
• various Monkey Island games
• Maniac Mansion
Day of the Tentacle
The Dig
Rebel Assault
• Shadows of the Empire
• The Telecommuter and
• a SCUMM manual and a tutorial.
The design doc for Sam and Max Hit the Road is just the tip of this iceberg.
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I spent a bit of time reading the SCUMM manual and am thinking, I would have loved that job.
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Doktor Zed, I can't thank you enough for those links. So many memories!
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