Virginia Woolf's Monk House Photo Album
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Harvard has digitized Virginia Woolf's Monk House photo album. All (most) of the crowd is pictured, and just to set the internet in historical context, there are several cat pictures.
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Some of these are like the platonic ideal of author photo. The authoriest authors who ever wrote a writing.
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Cat pictures are seqs. 56, 60-63 (warning: dogs), and 65, v. adorable and timely as I am reading Mrs. Dalloway at the moment and it is blowing my mind.
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Love these. So beautiful.
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FYI, this is just one of our six Monk’s House albums, and they’re all digitized. A colleague of mine made this handy Bitly to get to all of them.
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Monk House sounds like a subgenre of Gregorian techno.
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It's like the diaries come to life. "My gosh, these were real people!"
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