Let Margaret of Anjou Out
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There's a bot for that.
posted by etchogon at 1:43 AM on January 30, 2018 [4 favorites]

That bot looks amazing etchogon. I can't believe I missed it
posted by motdiem2 at 1:51 AM on January 30, 2018

Are your kids texting about MetaFilter?

BRB = Big Red Beanplate
SMH = $20
TBH = Taters Be Hardcore
STFU = flag it and move on
IDGAF = eponysterical
IDC = I Deny Cabal
BTW = Am I doing this wrong?
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The classical music one is ace.

My fave is ROFL = Reich Or Flippin' Leave.
posted by Ziggy500 at 5:44 AM on January 30, 2018

What does the eggplant and the doughnut emoji mean for Age of Empires?
posted by Nanukthedog at 6:49 AM on January 30, 2018

These are great fun. But, the astrophysics one needs some work. "Supermassive hole" and "brown dwarf star maser" sound pretty nutty. (Sure, there are masers and probably some happen to be near brown dwarfs. . . but has anyone actually used that phrase before?) "Fast Fourier spectrum" is right on the edge of plausible.

How about:
SMH - Simulated Magneto-Hydrodynamics (yeah, there's usually a "D") or Selected Metal-rich Halos or Substructure in Magnetic Helicity.
FFS - Fast (Friendly? False? Fanciful?) Frequentist Statistics, or Forbidden Fluorine States
BDSM - Broken Deformable Secondary Mirror or Broad Distribution of Stellar Matter or Beta Decay in Silicon-rich Mantles

Now if I only knew what SMH actually means. . .
posted by eotvos at 9:10 AM on January 30, 2018

I've used/spread the communism and decolonisation ones through friends and family. Always enjoy a meme that teaches and amuses. Moving that Overton window.
posted by AnhydrousLove at 11:14 AM on January 30, 2018

Want to know if your teens know the new meme format? Just look at their texts!

LOL: im tired
IRL: im tired
LMAO: im tired
ROTFL: im tired
IDK: im tired
IKR: im tired
IIRC: im tired
posted by numaner at 5:42 PM on January 30, 2018

Is your child texting about Optical Character Recognition in historical newspapers?

OMG: OPKO'iN Mm! Graaat?
TBH: tud Broome Heniy
ROFL: Re'o-n.d OaTB F-V l'rogreatioa
FML: fombtniiuj mat LL>'R
LOL: leal ont lltrpuM
WTF: wbich tbit foOawlat
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Botany. OMG.
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