These trying times - taking a collective moment for self-care
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This seems like a good place to share some self-compassion meditations.
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I needed this today. Thank you.
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Good computer habits for self-care!

Workrave is amazing.

It's described as an RSI prevention tool, but omg, it should totally come automatically with all computers. You can set how often you need breaks from the computer, as well as how strict it needs to be about making sure you take those breaks.

(Bonus: if you love their labor of love, they'd like you to donate to the EFF, not them)

Also f.lux to adjust the light on your computer based on the time of day, so the computer doesn't keep you up at night.
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I found that graphic to be really stressful and basically just another self-maximizing demand
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God, I wish I could bury my cynicism and drop my walls enough to engage with practices like these. Lord knows I’m a perfect customer for pretty much all of it. But, try as I might, I just can’t maintain a serious attempt. All the interior negatives they’re designed to counter eat them alive.
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Fairlynearlyready what a great post! And much work into compiling all those great resources. I will be passing some on and consulting many myself. Thank You.
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I just can’t maintain a serious attempt

I'm right there with you a lot of the time, and some cynicism is healthy.

When I have succeeded with things of this nature it is by pretending it is summer camp. "Well fuck. I guess we are all making marshmallow tinker toys now. I'll make 'em too, but I'll be surly and sulky about it the whole time."

A lot of this shit still works even if you grumpily half ass it.
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A lot of this shit still works even if you grumpily half ass it.

THIS. Self care is incremental and habitual. Whatever small thing you do helps; you don't have to 'win' at self-care, too.
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I completely agree with grumpily half-assing it! Sometimes that is the only way that I can make myself do some of the things that I know are good for me, especially things like meal planning or cleaning/organizing. A little is better than none, even though Instagram may make it seem like a competition, we don't have to compete.
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Affordable acupuncture can really help.
It was the 'people's medicine in China; here it can be real spendy unless you're lucky.
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Ok the theme of half assing this stuff, fake it till you make it. Use it as a weird science experiment. I teach large groups and one time this very damaged group who had become so angry with one another they could barely be in the room, felt pressured to be 'fake positive' towards one another BC that's what you're meant to do in this scenario. By the end of four hours of this they had all forgotten they ever didn't like one another because the feeling of being supported and supporting one another is better than the alternative. So I maintain, fake it, and see what happens.
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Bunk speaks truth, here: I tell folks, “Study that if you want to study what intent is,” because everyone understood exactly what we were doing at every moment, even though we were using just that one word or [a] variation thereof.
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