Christian pastors and rabbi bless new late term abortion clinic
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On Jan. 29, 2018--the same day the Senate rejected the Trump-backed bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks--four Christian pastors and a rabbi gathered to bless Dr. LeRoy Carhart's new Bethesda, Maryland abortion clinic, one of the very few in the United States to offer late-term abortions. Dr. Carhart previously performed abortions at a different clinic, until the owner sold the property to an anti-abortion group in 2017. The staff of the clinic and visitors from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice sang hymns, including the Jewish prayer for healing, “Mi Shebeirach,” in the lobby...“We give honor to all of these women who choose to come to this space,” said [Rev. Cari] Jackson...“We sanctify this space, and we honor this as holy.” posted by hurdy gurdy girl (9 comments total) 50 users marked this as a favorite
Reading the article made me tear up, in a good way.
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For so long, I failed to realize how insulting the language is around abortion, how the underlying assumption is that women have them for stupid or ill-considered reasons. That's why there's debate; we're actually debating "Do women possess enough rationality and judgement to make such a decision?" and deep down for a lot of people, the answer is "no."

Even more so, late-term abortions, which are always taking place in the midst of suffering and danger to a woman's health.
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This is so good. I am so weary of the dominance of the religious right, to the point that many people, religious and otherwise, assume that all religious people must think the same way as the loudest bigots. God bless Dr. LeRoy.
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I was furious when I read that the original clinic in Germantown was sold to an anti-abortion group. No words to describe how morally corrupt and spiteful that was. The act of blessing the space doesn't make up for that original injustice, but it's incredibly moving to see this happen.

From the article:
“We give honor to all of these women who choose to come to this space,” said Jackson, an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ who has served in United Methodist and Presbyterian Church USA congregations. “We sanctify this space, and we honor this as holy.”
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Relevant, one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking stories I have ever read:
Rivers of Babylon: The story of a third trimester abortion
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The Baptist preacher quoted in the article reminded me that before the early 80s even most churches affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention had no particularly strong views on abortion. It was only part of an effort to strengthen the Reagan coalition after he'd been elected that things really changed. I actually remember the tail end of the process where the last holdouts either gave in or left.

I guess that's why I can't take anyone who uses a religious argument against abortion at all seriously.
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[Please discuss the article rather than having a generic fight about abortion.]
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As a new Montgomery County resident, I am so proud of my neighbors. That is so beautiful and heartwarming.

Does anyone know the best way to support their work? I contribute to the DC Abortion Fund periodically, but if there's a group that specifically makes sure these folks can keep going, I'd love to know.
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SLC Mom, that article is amazing, thanks for sharing it.
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