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"It's not a film you can really say you like." In this award-winning Irish short based on a short story by Nollaig Rowan, a new mother struggles with "the initial excitement and subsequent grief that sometimes accompanies giving birth to a child with disabilities." CW, premature birth, difficult emotions. posted by Miko (5 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite

There was a brief time, before our premature daughter died, when something like the situation portrayed here looked like it might be in our future. I had a brief glimpse over the fence into that world, but I couldn't really understand what I saw there. That world will always be what my life would have been like if the coin had landed heads instead of tails, that day.

Later, I had a coworker with a severely disabled daughter. That gave me a few more glimpses, but I know full well I don't really know what it's like.

Powerful art like this helps us understand each other.
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Jeez... :(
posted by Uther Bentrazor at 2:52 PM on February 6, 2018

i don't know - it's not that dark in this world - and it's not a fence, it's more like a gradient

some of us come to this world suddenly - some of us, like me, in gradual realization

i have very mixed feelings about that movie - having a lifelong disabled child is hard and heartbreaking - but things can be good, too - you can adjust and accept even if you can't solve it - or know for sure if your child will have a good life when you're no longer able to take care of them

i don't have answers for this movie - but i'm too busy finding some answers for my daughter
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Thank you for posting. That was tough to watch. I wish so much for parents of children with disabilities to get all the support they need, emotionally and practically. Is the story it was based on available anywhere?
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I was unable to find it online - or even a good write up on the author.
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