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I like her style. I hadn't heard of her until now, and now I have quite a list of films and shorts (IMDb) to track down.
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Faces Places, the nominated film, is a delight. Basically, French people are just better than us.
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I love this. I love her.

I am upset that Faces, Places isn't available to watch anywhere currently (if it was in theaters around me, I missed it). The documentary category is the only Oscar category I care about and I generally try to watch them all. The other four are available (three on Netflix, one on Amazon Prime) and while that's all well and good, this is the one I wanted to see the most (I did love Strong Island a lot, although I still have two to watch.)

A bunch of Varda's work is on Flimstruck (although in the Criterion package) if you want a cheap option to watch.
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She is the best. We went to a screening once of Jane B. par Agnes V. and Varda herself was there at the end of the screening to answer questions.

She was giving some monologue when suddenly her cell phone went off. Of course, she reached in and answered it. And, speaking into the mike with us still she answers in French: "Yes, right..Well, I'm kind of busy right now..yes, I'm giving a talk right now here at the BFI...[laughs from the audience] yes, ok, bye see you soon!!" and then proceeded to talk right where she had left off.
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Faces, Places should be the frontrunner for the Documentary Oscar. It's incredible!
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She's a delight. Her films have so much of her personality in them, one can't avoid falling in love with her.
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The Gleaners and I is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I missed Faces Places in the Bay Area... Hoping it looks back around for the Oscars
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Agnès Varda is one of the greats and a seriously underrated, charming and intelligent filmmaker. She deserves to be better known outside of arthouse / film student circles as her films are fairly accessible. If you're unfamiliar check out Cleo from 5 to 7 or her documentary Gleaners and I. She was married to that other delightful filmmaker, Jacques Demy.
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Oh, she is the best.

I also saw her do a Q&A, the part I remember most is when the entire audience boo’ed a guy who asked her to talk about Godard. Heh.
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Wish I could award this several life-size replicas of favourites...
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I've only seen The Gleaners and I and Cleo from 5 to 7 but I loved both of those.

I guess that she and Godard are the only two left from the French New Wave.
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She is a wonderful filmmaker. Glad to see her getting the respect she's due.
I have met her once or twice. She is utterly charming.
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I saw Faces, Places here in Vancouver shortly after spending 3 months in provincial France - I don't know if there's a proper word for "reverse homesickness" but I was sure feeling it that evening.
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So I know I'm lucky enough to have the best library system ever and not everyone has a great library where they live, but just a reminder: please do check your local library. The San Francisco library has 11 of her DVDs - maybe your local library has at least a few?
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I guess that she and Godard are the only two left from the French New Wave.

Of the more famous members of the New Wave I think that's true. There's a couple directors associated with the New Wave still around that come to mind - Godard collaborator Jacques Rozier and Luc Moullet. They aren't as well known outside art house cinema circles perhaps. Very tangentially related to the New Wave (I don't think they were ever really members) there's Claude Lelouch & Phllippe Garrel who they are both still producing work.
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For any Mefites in Denver, Faces Places is playing at the Sie Film Center right now! If you're not in Denver, you should just fly here and see it.
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I <3 Agnes! She's so brilliant, and cool, and talented, and, and and...
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I missed Faces Places in the Bay Area

Perhaps not -- it's still at the Elmwood.
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