No, that wasn't the Beatles
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The Searchers, best known for songs like Love Potion No. 9 and their cover of Needles of Pins released a stunning album called "Love's Melodies" in 1981.

You won't find this album on Spotify, or youtube, but there are artifacts of it's existence online.

Half-Broken/Aged out Fond/Sound review

Another lovely review from 2011

A few tracks from the album:

Silver, a great album that harkens to what's about to come in a year or two with the Bangles

Everything But a Heartbeat another track that captures the spirit of the age in a brilliant rock n roll track that could almost be written by Elvis Costello

Another Night a tense track that captures a British sound somewhere between The Cure and The Police.

This album has (IMO criminally) never seen a CD or Digital release.


h/t to hippybear for inspiring me to seek out and post more music to metafilter)
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Love's Melody
Almost Saturday Night
A Little Bit of Heaven
You Are the New Day
Radio Romance
Murder in My Heart
September Gurls

It's a solid and at times above average power pop LP, featuring 1/2 of the "Needles and Pins" era Searchers (Tony Jackson's replacement on vocals, Frank Allen, is a more than credible power pop singer, though).
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This is great, I'd love to see more posts like this. We inherited the "Needles and Pins" LP from an in-law so I'll have to check this out.
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The harmonies on that version of September Gurls are reminding me how bad I want there to be an alt-country cover of it.
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h/t to hippybear for inspiring me to seek out and post more music to metafilter

Thanks for this! I would love to see random good music posts become a MetaFilter Thing, like goofy puppers and adorable/ vexing cats, and other feel-good animal posts.
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This is great.

Another band mining the Byrds inspired jangle pop vein is The Red Button.
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Huh. I've wasted a lot of my life digging through LP dollar bins and I don't remember ever seeing this album; I'll keep an eye out for it now.
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I believe The searchers inspired the byrds?
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I believe The searchers inspired the Byrds?

McGuinn and Clark were products of the folk revival, and routinely cite their time as sidemen in it, Brill Building songwriters, and The Beatles as their big initial inspirations. After that, it branches out to include everything from John Coltrane to Ravi Shankar.
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Georgia Satellites did a nice cover of Almost Saturday Night.
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FWIW, by 1981 the searchers were, as COD says, mining a vein that the Byrds thoroughly owned.
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It's originally a John Fogerty song, I think, but Gene Clark also recorded a version of Almost Saturday Night on his lovely late-career album with Carla Olson, So Rebellious a Lover. (on edit: But Clark & Olson's album didn't come out until 1987..)
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Fantastic album. I remember buying it at E.J. Korvette's on Herald Square shortly after it came out. The song selection is absolutely choice. And yeah, "Almost Saturday Night" is inspired. The LP is one of the great comebacks of all time. If only the Beatles had done something like it.
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Man, this is great stuff; thanks for the post!

> I remember buying it at E.J. Korvette's on Herald Square shortly after it came out.

If I'd known about it when it came out, I'd have rushed out (probably to the Disc-o-Mat in the Pan Am Building, where I worked at the time) and bought it and played it endlessly. That's my sweet spot in retro music.
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Paul Carrack's cover of Everytime That You Walk in the Room is wonderful.
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The Searchers ran with the same crowd as The Fab Four, in fact they almost signed with Epstein.

Gotta love that Rickenbacker, tho.
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The Ramones cover needles and pins.
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Fkn. Cool.

Today a good day, a fun day no matter the gray, just in the door and here's this great cover of a great song and I am one happy man.

MetaFilter comes through yet again.

Thx St. Peepsburg, for pointing to that cover.

Thx Annika Cicada, for a great post to dig into and chase it down.
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Ooh I love The Searchers! Nothing of value to add but I wanted to broadcast that fact. Had no idea about this side of them, only the Don't Throw Your Love Away era.
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To add to the Almost Saturday Night covers, here's my favorite.
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This song is on the album, written by John Wicks and Will Birch from the Records (remember Starry Eyes?). Great song, but that video is something else.

On a related note, Will Birch is currently working on a Nick Lowe biography!
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Yo, Records, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Roky Erickson had the best "Starry Eyes" of all time! Of all time!!
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