That was too loud!
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If I were a singer, I wouldn't be a fireman. (SLVimeo)

Two minutes and fifty-three seconds from The Transformation of the World into Music (Werner Herzog, 1994).
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People act like the boomers invented being obsessed with music.
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Opera is not just performing or sitting and listening. One can also be in the wings doing a job...
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That was the least despair I've encountered in 2:53 of a Herzog film. Bravo.
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Nope. Not at all. And if I WERE a singer, I wouldn't just lip-sync all the music I listen to on earphones at work as I wouldn't fear public stoning. (Also, not a boomer.)
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This was great. Love the lighting.

The clip brought to mind 'Sing Faster: The Stagehands Ring Cycle', a documentary about the work literally behind the scenes of such a production*; I've only watched some low quality clips on YouTube but I find it fascinating and fun.

*hat tip to random wikipedia as new tab URL
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That was lovely, thank you.
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