What makes a murder 'perfect'?
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What elevates it to a crime so gruesome and compelling that it deserves its own podcast? In new true crime podcast 'A Very Fatal Murder,' David Pascall heads to Bluff Springs in the heart of small-town America, where the small town is reeling from the death of 17-year-old Hayley Price. Review here.
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I binged the entire run because a) the episodes are short and b) the satire is spot-on (especially the ad reads! BoxBox!).
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This was *superb*.
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I liked the audio-snippet montages. Spot-on.
posted by Orlop at 11:38 AM on February 7, 2018

Sort of disspointed they didn't arrange for something to go up on boxbox.com
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This is pitch perfect, down to the guy's delivery. Thanks for posting.
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How does it compare to Done Disappeared ?
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Can't wait for that pizza in two days.
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Ok, now I have two tons of sand in my driveway. Please advise
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this is better than everything
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Best USPS ad ever.
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Both this and American Vandal feature “promposals”. Was that a thing in Serial or one of the other true crime podcasts they are satirizing?
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This was much better than the other true crime parodies I've seen/listened to. I like that the episodes were short. Get the jokes in, move the story, and get out on a high note. This one does that better than similar attempts.

The only bit that I didn't like was the computer AI thing he was talking to, but the payoff made me forget how weird it was at the beginning.

Agreed that the ads were fantastic - especially the USPS one. I listen to a few hours of podcasts a day and we get it already stamps.com. You can dial it back a bit.

"It's the kind of school where the football field is bigger than the chemistry lab and kids learn to throw a baseball before they take the SATs."
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"After all, it's not like you just shoot someone and they die."
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Can't wait for that pizza in two days.

I had to go back and listen to that a second time because I couldn't believe I heard the two days part.

It's going to be hard to take the Criminal podcast seriously for a while.
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