Morgan the dog runs a snowblower and vacuums (& fetches beer too)
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As most of British Columbia digs itself out from under a record-breaking snowfall, one family has it made: their six year old Newfoundland dog, Morgan, is trained to clear their driveway with a snowblower (she recently graduated from using a shovel). She knows other tricks, too: "She can cook hotdogs on fires, she can get beverages out of coolers, she can go in the fridge and get a beer for me...and she vacuums," said Morgan's owner, Dean Edwards of Sunnybrae, near Salmon Arm, BC. Morgan is also trained in water rescue and is a registered therapy dog for local seniors' homes.

He says he always knew Morgan was a special, particularly bright dog and attributes her ability to pick up tricks to her extensive water rescue training.

In addition to being a Canadian grand champion, Morgan has completed a long list of official dog training courses from obedience to draft dog, which involves pulling a cart through obstacle courses.

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The best dog.
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A saleswoman walked into an office on a cold call. The office was empty, but as she waited by the front desk, she saw Morgan emptying all the garbage cans. Amazed, the woman followed the dog around until she was finished. Then Morgan started sweeping the floor with a broom in her mouth.

Morgan noticed her and dropped the broom. "Don't look so surprised. It's part of my job. I've been here two years."

The saleswoman's jaw dropped. "Y- you can talk?!?"

Morgan looked over her shoulder nervously, whispering "Shhhh, not so loud! If they find out I can talk, they'll have me answering phones too!"
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Yet more evidence that my dogs are total fucking indolent slackers! Not only do they fail to snowblow the driveway, but I, in fact, snowblow trails in the backyard so they don't have to stick their feet and hoo-hoos into frozen snowdrifts when nature calls. I'm also pretty sure they take off their dog suits, order delivery pizza and chicken wings, and lie around watching Hallmark Channel movies when I'm at work.
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Oh yeah? Well my cat has ruined five sets of mini-blinds and one set of curtains.
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They make a clicky sound when you bat at them; you can't blame him.
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My dog loves me so much he keeps my spot on the couch warm for when I get home! But really: amazing training and amazing dog, you go Miss Goo!
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Fellini, they may be slackers but they have you well-trained :) As for me, well...I have a dog that's really good at getting the squeaky thing out of the tennis ball. He also digs nice holes in the back yard and demands a lap at Rachel Maddow time. So...
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This dog sounds more useful than some spouses.
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Omg, that is the best dog. She's always welcome to live with me. God knows the cats don't help around the house.
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That’s it, I’m firing my dog.
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They're good dogs, Bront.
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I also have a dog vacuum, but sadly it is only for food dropped on the floor.
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When I first saw the article, I thought, oh sure. That can't be true. But then I saw the video of her pushing the snowblower along and was immediately jealous. We have had approximately 50 cm of snow in the last couple of days and it is ridiculous. People are skiing down our main streets. I am contemplating snowshoeing to work.

And has our dog lifted a finger to clear our driveway??? Noooooooooo!
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This is the dog owner version of having both your twin sons grow up to be astronauts.
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God knows the cats don't help around the house.

That's not true, just this morning my dynamic duo very helpfully excavated a glob of hair from the shower drain and left it in the tub.
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This is the medieval working dog I was promised.
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That is definitely a good dog, but from his video I deduce that snow blowers effectively do nothing at all.
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i'm low level obsessed with salmon arm, my friend is from there originally and i am convinced it was founded by a grizzled old frontiersman with salmons for arms
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OMG, I didn't think I was reading the post title correctly, but pictures are worth a thousand words. I love this dog with all my heart. Of course a 125 lb dog can control a snow blower! This totally made my day.
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