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Map (with mop) vs Pickup Truck... play by play commentary by John Curley of KIRO radio (slyt)
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Saw that one a bit back. Sadly hilarious.
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*warring emotions of wry amusement & pity*
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That is just fantastic.
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Reminds me of the time the announcer gave a play by play of the guy running on the field at a football game a while back.
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I’m wondering if the drunk dude was parked in that corner space to the left of the truck. The truck did park like an ass but the guy was clearly hammered so if he was blocked in the truck did him a favor.

Not saying he was right, just saying that I’d be pissed at that parking job if I were sober. I get how someone drunk and surly would find the nearest club-like thing.
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That was horrible, and Curley is a sadist.
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FWIW, John Curley's widely known around Seattle for being a racist and general all-around piece of shit. The stranger published an article about him in 2001, ("Creepy Curley", July 5 issue, by Pat Kearney) but it no longer seems to be online. I found these two references to it, though: (July 5th entry) ("King Size Leak") ("Curley Update")
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> Coventry:
"That was horrible, and Curley is a sadist."

How's that then? They were watching security footage from a prior time. They weren't watching it happen live...
posted by Samizdata at 12:36 PM on February 8, 2018

Maybe he knows the subject is dead, and won't suffer pain and degradation from his mockery, I suppose.
posted by Coventry at 1:14 PM on February 8, 2018

You know, no one made the subject repeatedly attack a vehicle they didn't own, which, as they didn't own it, can have no good reasoning behind it.

So, if I follow your reasoning, and I try to break into your vehicle, you'll just say "Hail and well met, fellow. Perhaps a set of keys might be handy!"?

If you are worried about censure and negativity from your community, maybe breaking into someone else's car should be an act you DON'T commit.
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The video shows someone who does not appear to be in full possession of their faculties at the point where their life looks to be getting significantly worse.

Yes, they shouldn't be trying to break in the car. And being drunk is no excuse. But that person is going to wake up with a likely concussion and probable criminal charges.

Head trauma can leave permanent damage, and a criminal record is pretty damaging too, especially if they didn't already have one; they're certainly not acting like a career criminal.

We don't know anything about the subject's life, but it seems that they're alone and intoxicated on Wednesday night and vandalising vehicles. That might mean poor choices or bad luck. It might mean nothing and they're an asshole who deserves everything that happens to them after they wake up.

I'm for giving them the benefit of the doubt, though, and suggest that sympathy might be a good place to start.
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Also, it might not be sadism, but I would look warily and askance at anyone who would mock someone sustaining such injuries, no matter how much they might seem to have it coming.
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And that includes the earlier versions of myself who would have.
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