Aberdeen bar hosts Scotland’s first dementia-friendly discos
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Anne Duncan, 63, came up with the idea because she loves to dance with her husband Bill, 69, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s seven years ago. She said: “We still thoroughly enjoy dancing. It transports Bill into a place where he was before his illness, so for us it is especially poignant. It is an enjoyable feeling when we dance – there is nothing to worry about in the whole world. It is amazing.”
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Being a caretaker for an Alzheimer's patient is the most exhausting thing you can imagine. Having even a couple of hours of pleasure back is worth all the money in the world.
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Wonderful! I hope to retire in a few years, I'd love to organize this kind of dance where I live.
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This is brilliant. I wish my dear friend who lived for more than a decade with Alzheimer's could have visited such a place. (It also sounds like a pretty fun night out compared to most bar scenes for those of us without dementia.)

I also realize that my immediate image when reading the title involved big-bands and swing dancing. But, that's crazy. The last person I knew who was a young adult in that era died several years ago after outliving everyone he'd known before the age of 40. The fellow featured in the article is younger than my mother, and she sure as hell wasn't into swing dancing. My image of aging is clearly based on media from before I was born and friends and family who died when I was a child.

I'd love to see a sample playlist. Realizing that people who bought The Who albums as teenagers are now in their 70s makes me feel like time is passing rather quickly.
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"My Generation" - minor key down-tempo version
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"My Generation" - minor key down-tempo version - f*ck that shit! Us old fogies are gonna rock to the Live At Leeds version!
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Hope I die before I get old Alzheimers.
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Beautiful what love can do.
*damn allergies*
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