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NPR First Listen: Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet debut the recording of a 2013 work that reflects on Hurricane Sandy. Listen to Landfall now before it's released.

Apologies in advance for any region blocking.
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Only thing better than Laurie Anderson is Laurie Anderson though vocal filters.

Very excited to listen through this!
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"The reason that I really love ... the stars, is that we cannot ... hurt them.

We can't burn them, we can't melt them or make them overflow.

We can't flood them or blow them up...

or turn them out.

But, we are reaching for them.

We are reaching... for them."
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This album is so good that I just ordered the vinyl. I don't know if all will agree, but I think it's pretty much awesome.
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I pre-ordered this on a whim after it popped up late one night on Laurie's FB page. ($25! With free signed print!) Can't wait for it to show up in my mailbox and into my grubby little hands.

I stood next to her at a salad bar once. We're besties.
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This is great, thank you for posting!
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Since we're sharing sitings, as I exited the Film Forum one evening, Laurie and Lou were entering. Lou was asking her in a worried sounding voice, "do I want a Coke? I'm not sure - do I want a Coke?" It was the most heart-warming thing to know that Lou Reed can't make up his mind about movie refreshments.

As to this post, wow this piece is magnificient.
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For her Nerve Bible tour, Laurie came on stage and my reception was more rock star than concert hall and she stared me right in the eye for 2-3 seconds and I got the message.

That's the best that I've got.

Also, Nelson was there with me. Which is kind of bizarre considering how many years ago that was.
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Thanks for this!
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I am so excited about this I almost burst. Two of my favorite things (Anderson, Kronos Quartet) on one album. Totally amazing.
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If Joey Michaels were to burst.... I mean....

I've listened twice now. It's a really interesting piece. Much more instrumental than you might expect, but (I keep using this word, I'm sure I mean what I think it means) evocative.
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Metafilter: I stood next to her at a salad bar once. We're besties.
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Am I doing it right?
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Am I doing it right?

I don't think it should involve a personal pronoun.
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