Rice and Racing in Luzon
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The Banaue RiceTerraces are on the UNESCO Heritage list and are spectacular. Added to the now-annual Imbayah Festival are the scooter races. Mind you, these are hand-carved wooden scooters with no brakes, coming down the mountain into the town full of festival goers. Watch this: Racing Wood Scooters
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You know how when someone posts a cool dog video, someone will say “Dogs are so amazing! We are so lucky to have dogs!”? I feel like dogs would watch that video about the scooter racing and say the same thing about humans.

The carvings on them are really something, too. I’m in awe of people who can do stuff like that.
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it's the barefoot braking on concrete ­— ow ow ow
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it's the barefoot braking on concrete ­— ow ow ow

I had to go back and rewatch. I had thought he was wearing flip flops, but no, he really is just using his feet. The human body is an amazing thing.
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Not just a horrible way to crash and burn, but an amazing art object.

Not only do I want to visit the terraces, I want to bring home a neat tiger scooter. Preferably in one piece.
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