"Furry hard!"
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Cat curling is not just an Olympic sport (previously), it's also a fun thing to play at home! And because no good post is complete without dogs, please enjoy cats and dogs just trying to get along.
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First link is dead--blocked by the IOC.
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Is joke, tzikeh? It works for me.
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"This video contains content from International Olympic Committee, who has blocked it from display on this website or application."

Ah, I see at the bottom that I can go to view it on YouTube. I generally watch all videos posted to MetaFilter in the pop-out window.
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I like that a not insignificant portion of the "cats and dogs" video amounts to:

"What's in the box?"

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Furry!!! Furry furry furry FURRY!
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Being against cat videos would be absolutely in character for the IOC.
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Cats are used to being swept after, but being swept before is an innovation...
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So there is a way to get a cat to go where you want it to go
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A+ post title.
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It’s all good fun till a cat gets wedged in a scanner.
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Damn my stupid tiled floors. I'm going to have to get smooth engineered wood flooring so I can play too. I don't think the kitties will allow me to push them across the grout gaps....
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Cat posts CAN be complete without dogs.

I promise that I am saying this of my own volition and that my cat is not currently in my lap with claws out, watching me type.

send halp
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i also enjoyed this related video which is an ad but contains human curling
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Even the Navy is on board. (Mechanical cat due to change in regulations.)
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1) I am a furry.
2) I have actually done curling even though I live in the US.
3) Cats don't belong on ice.
4) I want to see fursuiting curling happen at some point even though the fur will get on the ice and knock the rocks off track.
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Also "Furry Hard" is a t-shirt that I need to make at some point.
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