“Oddvar Bra, I love you!”
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The Ski Pole That Norway Will Never Forget "It seems an unlikely event to be emblazoned in a nation’s collective memory. But if you’re from Norway, and you’re over 50, you almost certainly have a vivid recollection of this: A man named Oddvar Bra is skiing the final segment of the men’s 4x10-kilometer cross-country relay at the 1982 world championships in Oslo. Surging up a hill, he passes and sideswipes the only person ahead of him, Alexander Savyalov of the Soviet Union. Immediately, Bra realizes that the impact has had a terrible consequence. His right pole has snapped in two."
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That was great!
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Did you all see the race the other day, where there was a fall and tangle within seconds of the start, and a Norwegian skier fought his way back into the lead (after breaking a pole!) to win the race? It was a great race.

First link to an article. There's a racap/replay at NBC, but it's not freely available.
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Also “humbleness.” But look past these quibbles!
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Also, that was a really interesting article, and I thank you for sharing it.
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Might have been a good read. Unfortunately it's locked behind a pay wall...
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I watched a few times and I’d say Oddvar came from behind and accidentally hooked arms with the other skier, causing him to fall. Just sayin’.

YouTube link
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What a great story! And yes, as someone half of whose family is Norsk, I can assure you that everyone they say about Norwegians is true.

> "millenniums"?

> Also “humbleness.”

There is nothing wrong with either word. Come on, people, leave the peevery at home.
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they're all perfectly cromulent words.
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“Hvor var du da Oddvar Brå brakk staven?” (“Where were you when Oddvar Bra broke his pole?”)

Hmmm, I think that's "broke THE pole." It would be "brakk hans stav" for HIS pole.
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I always tear up at a good sports anecdote or story. This is great.
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Either the statue of him is huge or that fence is really ineffective.
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What a great article, thanks for sharing!
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The nicest thing you can say about a Norwegian hero, Gotaas explained, is “He’s like everybody else.”
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So I've watched the end of the race a dozen times now. It's strange how Brå slips and goes down right at the finish line. It really looks like he tried to kick Savyalov at the last minute.
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