Windows of San Francisco
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"Looking out the window is an underrated activity. Each one is like a never-ending movie about a small, specific place in the world. You never know what kind of characters you’ll see, or what kind of plots will unfold. I tried to capture this feeling with Windows of San Francisco, which features views from 100 different windows around the city. San Francisco is a magical place, enjoy the journey." Windows of San Francisco, made by Jon Murray, Matthew Pullen, Andrew Pullen & Pete Blaszkiewicz
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via Coudal Fresh Signals. As a non-local, I especially appreciate the map locator in the upper left corner.
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Warning: auto-play audio.
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Bears in spandex on Folsom St, hell of Chinese ladies squatting in front of BART, guy dropping his beer and then himself on Pierce.

*Nod*. Seems legit.
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I thought these were live but then #17 is dark. This seems like an idea that is not quite fully executed, and the interface is terrible. Good luck getting to window #90 people.
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Beautiful, self-obsessed, all but inaccessible.

Yep, that's SF.
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Martuni's, the Ferry Building, every shot of Chinatown, that guy playing the erhu, the foliage, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, my memories, my youth, the sense of wonder at a life yet undiscovered - I miss them all.
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There are some at 42 but overall a surprising lack of good boys
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It's not live. Folsom happens in September, Pride happens in June, but both are happening at the same time in different windows. There are also multiple shots of the De Young/Academy of Science courtyard area with different exhibits and crowds (one from when the Haring show was there, which was a couple years ago now.)

Kind of funny to reflect that the weather is so consistent season-to-season that the weather in the videos doesn't give it away. I was also waiting for the naked dudes who hang out when it's relatively warm near the F line turnaround at Castro to pop up in that one shot that appears to be down the street from Orphan Andy's, but they never did.
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15 has a corgi!
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I saw a little westie white fluffer guy, a patient Rottweiler, and the corgi on the bench!
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Ooh, wait, are these all windows of buildings? I think #18 may have been shot from the window of a vehicle. Clever!
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Last comment, I swear, but it's also weird that it's never raining in any of these shots. And I probably should have known it wasn't live because one of the windows has a night view, not because of the timing of festivals!
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yeah, some are definitely car windows.
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I got to 16 before it all went dark.
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oh, now it's working? Okay.
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Is this something I need a fiber internet connection to understand?
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Im tempted to take a picture out my window so you can see the parking garage.
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it's never raining in any of these shots

That's because last winter excepted, it's basically never raining here anymore.
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Yes, it's rainy season here in SF but it has not rained for a month and there is no hint of rain in the 10-day forecast.

Of the ones that worked for me, I like them! In the Folsom St and Castro ones I looked for people I might know but no luck.
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I used to have a friend who lived in San Francisco circa 1980. He told me an apartment hunting anecdote, but I can't testify to the veracity of it.

Dave: The rent seems a little high...
Realtor: Well, that's because it has a view of the Golden Gate bridge!
Dave: Uh, I don't see the Golden Gate bridge.
Realtor: If you stand on the toilet and look out the bathroom window, you can see one of the towers.
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