Wait, there's a permanent society for ephemera?
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Your daily fall down the rabbit hole: The Ephemera Society of America. As it's been a while since its last mention, let's get caught up on new entries. Mid-century library posters! Victorian fashion alphabet! Medical ephemera!

Some issues of The Ephemera Journal are now available online (.pdf format); index of TEJ articles is here.
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Beautiful flowers.
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This reminds me of The Institute Of Official Cheer, which is James Lileks' collection of stuff like this, complete with snarky comments.
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groovy, I'm working in a former mid-century library building right now
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A picture
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Neat! This reminds me that I need to get around to doing something with all those bookmarks I’ve been collecting for decades.
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Another great resource, if this is your thing (and oh, is it mine - you should see my guest room), is Plan59.com. It's not updated any more, because the founder went on to become Shorpy.
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Oh gods no, I need to get work done today and I could swim around in ephemera foreverrrrrrrr.

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