Gâteau Gato Zeotrope
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It's a cake. It's a cat. It's a zeotrope! See also the making of.
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My mind, it is blown.
Mods, maybe don't fix the post so others can learn from my mistake? Or do, whatevs.
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The ability of people to create amazing things from everyday things never fails to astonish me...
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As long as you add “zoetrope” as a tag, everything will be awesome and future generations will learn from us.
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If you like this, you'll probably like stop-motion needlework by Nina Paley and Theodore Gray (previously).
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I love that he combines Nyan Cat and the Catbus from Totoro.

(We have watched every video of Dubosc's about a million times. there is also a caketrope in a commercial that looks just like his work - but he didn't do it. Evidently he was consulted on the project.)
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Trippy. I meowed along.
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