you come across a collapsed mall from the Times Before
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Couture is weird, and comics creator Jared Pechacek is making it weirder. Electric Lit gathers his collection of tweets turning the 2018 A.F. Vandevorst spring collection into a tale about building community in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
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Ready for the book & seasonal sequels!
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Finding the trick of what's been and lost ain't no easy ride.
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In the before time, dust was what you swept away and kept out of the house. Now it shelters us, hides us in the smoke and the grey ruins. It's already in us nohow, what's a little more hurt?
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I loved these tweets. I want to read the book.
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Klingon or Galliano?
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I would love to read this in the form of a fashion magazine or coffee-table book, with just this type of terse caption on each page. The interstitial chapters of The Stand and throwaway lines in Feed that give haunting fragmentary glimpses of civilization's collapse are my favorite parts.
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