Let me talk about this post, which is probably a failure
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Susan Cahill is failing. So is Corey Schutzer.

Composed by Tom Johnson. More self-referential music courtesy of Ask MetaFilter.
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(In fact, this post was almost a failure from the start. Until I went to preview it, I didn't realize I had started composing it as an Ask MetaFilter question.)
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Thanks, that was fun! (Failing is about failing...)
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You gave me the biggest shit eating grin by posting this - I loved every second. Thanks so much!
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Way enjoyable, and already re-posted to the most musical family I know and love, whose legendary Robbie Burns celebration I now miss, a house full of acoustic and singing, and scotch.
Now off on a bass extravaganza following the two performances. I am reminded of the amazing way Stravinsky creeps around with his bass, The Firebird, The Soldiers in R&J. Great stuff!
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Ah! I heard this piece decades ago, on the radio, I think, and have occasionally thought about it ever since, but I never thought to look it up on YouTube. Susan Cahill's performance was much better than the version I heard long ago.
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