Cocaine & Rhinestones
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Cocaine & Rhinestones is a podcast on the history of 20th century country music hosted by Tyler Mahan Coe. The first season, 14 episodes plus a Q&A show, is now complete. In addition to the podcasts, there are transcripts and research notes for each show.

Coe does a deep dive into specific songs:
CR005 Breaking Down Merle Haggard’s Okie from Muskogee

important artists:
CR014 Ralph Mooney: The Sound of Country Music

the business of country music:
CR007 Harper Valley PTA, Part 1: Shelby S. Singleton

and the darker side of country music:
CR003 The Murder Ballad of Spade Cooley

Episodes build on what came before. Start with the first for the full experience:
CR001 Ernest Tubb: The Texas Defense

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I was just thinking to myself, "I need a new podcast." Thanks--this is right in my wheelhouse.
posted by Orlop at 6:50 AM on February 23, 2018

Cool! Thanks for the post. I need a new podcast too.
posted by Don.Kinsayder at 7:06 AM on February 23, 2018

Love this podcast and can't wait for the new series. I would also recommend the two-parter on Buck Owens and Don Rich, as well as the episode about Bobbie Gentry
posted by plasticpalacealice at 7:46 AM on February 23, 2018

This is relevant to my interests.
posted by Bob Regular at 8:50 AM on February 23, 2018

as well as the episode about Bobbie Gentry

Seconded! I just finished listening to this last night and it's amazing.
posted by the return of the thin white sock at 10:20 AM on February 23, 2018

God, this is a great podcast. There are a ton of things I really appreciate about Coe: his open-mindedness about what falls within the brief of the show, his absolute refusal to accept sexist conventions in country music, his up-frontedness about how reliable he finds his source material and willingness to admit when the record is ambiguous. And his combination of taste and skill. This show's just been a one-man ass-kicking contest so far. I think he's rrrrright up there with Karina Longworth and Mike Duncan for people doing top-notch rigorous-but-fun-and-accessible history/cultural history podcasts.

My only complaint is that it took me a week to de-earworm myself after the Kershaw Brothers show.
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Man, I've been trying to add this to Downcast since it was first mentioned here, but there must be something hinky with the RSS. It shows up in a title search with the art, but when I add it as a sub it shows up in my list without art or available episodes and trying to add episodes manually brings up an "Error downloading the podcast feed" message.
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If you like this, you may also enjoy Tales From The Tour Bus
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