...a fast-toughening stance by France against migrants...
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A French Outpost in Africa Strives for Safer, and Stricter, Migration: France is screening asylum applicants before they resort to a dangerous Mediterranean crossing. A select few get plane tickets to Europe. Everyone else is told to stay home (SLNYT, by Adam Nossiter).
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That was a fascinating read. Thank you, crazy with stars! I particularly like the photos in the article of the French location in Niger and that thick coating of dust everywhere. Very evocative of how slowly France is moving to process these people and how problematic the entire asylum situation is.

I am also reminded of the Lyft driver I met a few months back who was from Niger. We had a really fascinating conversation about faith and family and success and it was clear he'd thought deeply about the American way of life and how to engage with it. For many reasons and this memory not least, I wish the migrants involved in the French project the best of luck.
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