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Sounds of Siberia - "How Novosibirsk’s Shalash record label created a beautiful audio world"

Seven Sleepers by you c and Foresteppe


Sun Suites For a Rising Moon

Pt. 1

Small Hours by Kirill Mazhai, Belorussian from Minsk. more.

the last one - we're out of old tapes.but it's not the only reason. шалаш (the hut) - is a temporary shelter

The Importance Of Small Matters: Foresteppe Interviewed - "The Russian ambient musician talks to Nikita Velichko about making music to accompany Soviet-era slideshows, releasing on reel-to-reel tapes and the importance of appreciating your immediate environment"
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Fascinating stuff! If anyone's curious as to what a shalash looks like, here you go.
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this is fascinating - thanks so much for sharing.

always interested in knowing how modern artists are making a life for themselves in this post-globalization world.
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This is gorgeous. I'm in love with their sound.
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I would imagine that nobody knows vastness like a Siberian.
Thanks for this.
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Thanks very much! Very lovely music. Already bought the kifaru album, at 2 dollars it is a true bargain. :)
posted by holist at 11:58 AM on February 26, 2018

This is relevant to my interests! Thank you.
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