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MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies Special Digital Collection. It's a presentation of the Center's collection of 20th century art as a 3-D "virtual museum". Start scrolling, branch off onto specific topics, and get lost -- just like in a real museum! (h/t The Outline.)
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I don't think you used enough quotation marks. It should be more like as a "3"-"D" "virtual" "museum" and should be read making air quotes with your fingers as well.

The only way this makes any sense is that the idea of using a 3d metaphor for an online museum is in itself super dated and probably belongs in a museum of obsolete web design concepts.
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The archives for particular categories are much easier to navigate.
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Oh, and you can browse by subject as well.
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Oh god, scroll wheel is zoom? So how about down, no... Scroll bar? how the hell do I even

You know what? Nope, nope. I'm good, thanks again, Media Lab.
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