You and your new oven
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Elton John apparently can create music on-the-fly for any set of lyrics. Here he is challenging the audience to provide him with material and getting Ibsen's Peer Gynt handed to him, instantly creating a pleasant tune. Too easy, you say, with Peer Gynt being all lyrical and stuff? Well then, here he is being challenged by a different audience, getting an oven instructions booklet up on stage.
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Minor key! Bad oven!
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with bonus eye-smile by Richard E Grant
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Can't follow Youtube links, but I would encourage folks to find "Important Safety Instructions" by Vernon Reid from the album Mistaken Identity. An excellent example of this kind of thing.
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In case you didn't realize that beneath all the glitter and glam there's a damn fine musician.
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Also in this genre, there is a video of Ben Folds composing, on stage, a symphonic arrangement of a sentence about the historical value of the Kennedy Center. I guess he was playing with the orchestra at the Kennedy Center and the sentence came from an audience member's program.
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Ozzy Osbourne appears to be sitting behind the guy with the oven manual. You can see him several times from 26 seconds to 37 seconds in the video.
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The "guy with the oven manual" is Richard E. Grant.
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Borsboom, I thought he looked familiar! Also the lady at the very beginning of the oven video, damn, that hair!
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An excellent example of this kind of thing

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It seems that there are several famous people in that audience, for example illusionist David Copperfield, model Claudia Schiffer, and tennis star Boris Becker and this (probably) then-wife, designer, actress and model Barbara Feltus.
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Wouldn't be surprised to find that Atkinson Rowan was there as well.
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Can’t you just picture Richard E. Grant’s character from “Posh Nosh” telling his viewers about the time Sir Elton wrote a song about his oven?
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Immediately makes me think of Voice of Harold
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Which is by far REM's best song.

Except for "Rockville"
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It's from a series called "An Audience With ..." where celebs perform for an audience of celebs, this one from 1997. I always suspected the questions were never a complete surprise.
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Marvin Hamlisch, well-known EGOT, would get the audience to shout out potential song titles and he would immediately perform what the song would be. My friend shouted "I married a chicken" and Marvin struck up a cheerful tune on the piano and sang "My mother wanted me to find a nice jewish girl, but oh no! I married a chicken!". It was not bad.
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Another and another.
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